Oh Snow You Didn’t!

So word around Kitsap is snow may make another visit to the area before a warm southerly wind kicks up and scours out all the cold air we’ve hoarded this past weekend. So, let’s talk about specifics:

Tonight will be calm: increasing clouds, but cold with lows in the upper 20s to lower 30s. The mostly clear skies this evening is the first ingredient we need for snow tomorrow as temperatures will definitely be cold enough.

Then, the action starts early tomorrow morning.

Here’s another map displaying how much snow is expected around the area by 7 AM tomorrow morning. As you can see, the same thinking applies as yesterday: southern and western portions of Kitsap will likely get a good inch or so of snow, granted everything pans out as expected on the models. The northern/eastern Kitsap County areas could very well get squat with this system as the Olympic Snow Shadow will prevent any significant accumulation: maybe a dusting or so, but overall this looks like a “the more south you go, the better chance for snow” situation.

By mid morning, a warmer southerly wind kicks up, scouring out the cold air the Hood Canal usually gathers during these cold spells. This means any left over precip will largely be rain, though by the time the switch over occurs, precip will be lacking.

Residual showers and even a few sunbreaks are in the forecast for Wednesday with highs in the lower 40s, so still a chilly one out there!

The same thinking goes for the remainder of the week: periods of rain with a break in the action Saturday as skies clear before the next round of rain arrives for later in the weekend into the following week with average highs in the mid to upper 40s.

Whew! A normal pattern is finally going to occur this winter? Unbelieveable! 🙂

Be safe!

P.S. I’ll really try to get a video prepared for tomorrow. The past two weeks have been full of finals and senior projects, so videos have been harder to film lately.

Matthew Leach

Kitsap Weather