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Sharing Thanksgiving With Friends

I just read this great post on The Accidental Hedonist food blog about organizing friend-filled Thanksgivings. It’s just a good, funny read. Here’s an excerpt:

“Some of my friends think I’m a little – uh – stringent about Thanksgiving. They’re not wrong. I do have rules. My standard party rules always apply:
No barfing (it’s happened)
No fighting (it’s happened)
Don’t let the cats out the front door (my guests are darned lucky that hasn’t happened)
Stay the hell out of our bedroom (it’s happened)
Variations like “barfing on or fighting with the cats in the bedroom” are also frowned up.”

Speaking of Thanksgiving stories, we’re looking for some of your stories to run in the paper on Thanksgiving Day. We’ve already gotten a few good ones. They don’t have to be about food, it’s about your favorite Thanksgiving memory. You can read more about the reader call here or you can just send your story to sunnews@kitsapsun.com.