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Celebrating Warm Weather with A Simple, Homemade Potato Salad


I made my first potato salad this weekend. You’d think with something so easy, I would have done it before, but those clear little plastic grocery store containers just seem so easy.

Well, with the spectacular sunshine this weekend, I made a go of it as a side dish with some burgers.

I read up a little on the basics and whipped together one of my own. I got a few tips from Barbara Lauternach’s “Potato Salad”, which reminded me that there really are hundreds of variations on a potato salad (her book as 50) that range from ones with vinaigrette-style dressings to things way fancier than I’m likely to put with a burger. I also searched around the Internet for various recipes and settled on making a basic version of my own, noting that most have some sort of vinegar, mayo and of course potatoes. I also made good use of fresh herbs growing in my garden.

Other folks add sugar and more crunchy items like relish, parsley and/or celery. I stuck with some very basic and quick ingredients, but did change it up a day later by adding a boiled egg, mustard and paprika to make it a more filling lunch.

I wrote down the basics of what I used below. What are some of your favorite additions? Or do you have a different basic recipe?

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Experimenting with Homemade Potato Chips

Homemade Potato Chips
Homemade Potato Chips

I’ve been trying to make more of the food I eat at home both to save a little money and to make meals and snacks healthier. So last night, I worked on homemade potato chips. Yeah, I know. Potato chips are like the embodiment of all that’s unhealthy.

I decided to try baking them to reduce the oil, and I played with sweet potatoes, which have higher nutritional value.

I broke out my mandoline and tried making them at various widths, adjusted the temperature of the oven, the amount of oil and threw a sweet potato in the mix because I love sweet potatoes. Continue reading