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More Pike Place Market Suggestions

My recent post on suggested stops for Pike Place Market fare brought in some great suggestions from a commenter, Bruce, that I’d like to share below, in case any of you missed it.

“Before my recent retirement, I worked at 4th and Pike in Seattle so I would get down to the Pike Place Market just about every day. Some of my regular stops were:

  • Don and Joe’s Meats: Right next to Pike Place Fish by The Pig. A Walking Sausage is a guilty pleasure.
  • Jack’s Fish: Across the street from the main building. Easier to get to, always fresh and usually a little cheaper than the other fish markets.
  • Athenian Inn: For my Hangtown Fry fix.
  • Korean: There is a little Korean stand to the right of Pike Place Fish. $3 gets you 5 big deep fried shrimp (Warning for the squemish: the shrimp are whole with the heads on). The kim chee soup is a bargain at $2.19.
  • Vietnamese: To the left of Jack’s Fish is a little Vietnamese stand. 6 delicious potstickers for $3. Or shrimp spring roll for $1.50
  • Vegetables: I just cruise the veggie stands and see what looks best…no particular favorite.
  • Lunch: Emmett Watson’s Oyster Bar. Divey and priced right. I would grab the latest copy of The Stranger and have a Captain’s Basket and Coke $11.
  • Pappardelles Pasta: Orange Szechuan pasta with Jack’s Fish scallops. Yum.
  • Indian Market: I don’t know the name, but excellent selection of Indian cooking spices and food products. Right by Emmett Watson’s.

I got very used to shopping at the Pike Place Market and am going to miss not being in downtown Seattle on a daily basis. The market is a real treasure and it’s good to support it in the off tourist months.”

Also, a similarly timed post from the Accidental Hedonist blogger(who once lived in Seattle) served up another suggestion for a Pike Place favorite, Turkish Delight.

“During my recent weekend visit to Seattle, I was thrilled to see that Turkish Delight is still in the same spot, and still serving their tasty döner kebab sandwiches.”

A company also apparently has created a $50 Pike Place Market walking food tour with taste tests and meet-and-greets wth artisans. I’d rather go explore with friends or on my own, but it could be an option for someone new to the area (or you can just e-mail me and maybe we can organize some kind of excursion. Cost: your ferry ticket and whatever you eat, you buy.)

I’d love to hear more suggestions.