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A New Note in the Organic Food Debate

Market Fruit
Market Fruit

One of the big to-dos in the world of food last week was British study has recently concluded that organic food has no additional nutritional benefit over standard produce.

Whether or not organic veggies have more or better vitamins and minerals has been hotly debated for years. Especially in these hard economic times, is the benefit worth spending the extra cash for organic food? Even if it is, is all food better organic or just some? This study doesn’t settle the debate, but rather adds another piece to the complex discussion. And as Seattle-based blog the Accidental Hedonist pointed out last week, the study is far from definitive. People buy organic for a variety of reasons including fear of effects from pesticides and the chance to meet friendly faces when you purchase organic produce from your friendly neighborhood farmer.

Do you buy some or all your food organic or do you think the movement is overblown? Why or why not?