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A Wonderful Gift: An Edible Forest Jewel


I was greeted at work today with a wonderful gift from my co-worker Chris Henry: freshly foraged chanterelles.

I’ve only ever tried some dried ones from a grocery store, which I’m told is nothing like having them fresh. The fresh ones are meaty and earthy. Well, that’s what I’m told, and I’ll be finding out for myself soon.

Chris suggested I sautee them with a little oil and garlic or put them in stew, which will be where I’ll head first. In the next couple days, I’ll be looking up some recipes (and I’d love suggestions, hint, hint …). First stop: a story Chris wrote a couple years ago on wild mushroom hunting featuring these lovely fungi. It includes recipes for a mushroom potato soup (which may be the second thing I try), stir-fried chanterelles with Bok Choy and Fettucine Alfredo with chanterelle .

It’s apparently prime season for mushroom hunting, which I hope to learn more about soon. Where I’ll start: the Kitsap Peninsula Mycological Society. They have a wild mushroom show coming up Sunday, Oct. 25 from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Silverdale Community Center. They’ll have tastings, displays and identification. Admission is free, but donations are polite.