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Breathing Life Back Into the Food Life

BPR: Blog Post Resuscitation

They say sure signs that the death of a blog is imminent is a bit of lackluster writing, infrequent postings. The Food Life surely suffered from this early this year.

When I began, I envisioned finding in the community of local food a transformation from a kitchen soundtracked by the crinkle of cellophane wrappers and littered in paper boxes of pre-bought meals to one filled with the happy burbling of homemade stock and slice-crunch of freshly prepared vegetables. That was to be my kitchen.

But as so often happens in life, things have a way of getting in the way. I managed some of that transformation and found some great inspiration from local food makers, but when I so often failed to come home before 8 p.m. and faced yet another night of microwaved dinners, I felt I’d also failed to create something worthwhile for this blog. The posts became infrequent, hurried and then, eventually there it lay frozen in the cold, dark Internet archive.

But I keep finding something I wanted to share (some of which I shared on a Facebook page devoted to Kitsap Food). And I really missed those of you who read this blog. I missed writing it more than I thought I would.

But as I breathe life back into this blog yet again, I feel I need to clarify its direction. When I started, I had said this would be about an exploration of local food, and it will remain that. But I think what I missed out on are more of the stories of the people and places behind the food  as well as information on local events and food opportunities. I also intend to offer book reviews and literature this time around, most local, a few not. And as always, links to interesting blog posts and regional food news. While I’m being given more time to devote to this, the stories that require reporting can be time-consuming, so I’m saying upfront that the posts may not be frequent.

As for recipes, well, see above. What I’d love to see more than my hasty dinner throw-togethers are your recipes. I’ll be asking for them along the way. And while we’re on the subject of sharing, this blog is really about the local community surrounding food so if you’ve also got a food-related story to tell or a suggestion for one I should write, please, please e-mail me at adice@kitsapsun.com or call me at 360-415-2673.

Thank you to those who’ve read in the past (and I hope will read again), and welcome to any new readers.

– Angela Dice