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Taming a Burger of ‘Goliath’ Proportions in Bremerton

Foodies, consider yourself warned: This is not a post about some gourmand or exotic delicacy.

This is about eating. And eating. And eating until you can’t eat anymore.

When the ’50s style Coffee Club Diner opened in the the old Park Avenue Diner spot in Bremerton on Armed Forces Day, one item on their lengthy menu didn’t go unnoticed for long.

At the bottom of their burgers listed, highlighted with a pink “Ka-Pow” kind of star burst is the Goliath Burger — “A monstrous 5Lb burger with 5 Lb of fries. Eat it all in 1 hour and get it for FREE!!” They promise that if you do, they’ll put your picture up on a wall of fame. If you don’t finish, it’s $25.

So far, no pictures have made it to the wall.

But seven people have tried.

The first would-be David was Cameron Stewart. He ate through to number four of 10 half-pound patties on one bun and a good portion of fries, all served on a large pizza-sized plate.

The second was my co-worker Paul Dent, who let me take video (or more likely, was nice about it when I showed up with a camera) of the spectacle.

I could try to describe what it’s like to try and watch someone eat 10 pounds of food, but really, you just have to be there, but you can get an idea by watching the video.

Watch the full-size version here.

Stewart just happened to be in the diner when Paul tried his attempt late last month. When Paul was done, they exchanged phone numbers and said they’d try an eat-off. So far, no date has been set.