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Love Tomatoes? Poulsbo, Port Orchard, Bainbridge Markets Hosting Taste-Offs

I used to hate tomatoes, the squashy, mealy things that made their way into my salads were less than appealing. But two small events forever changed my perception of these lovely vegetable-y fruits.

The first was a caprese salad I’d had a few years back. While I couldn’t seem to replicate that taste for the longest time, I’d been softened on the idea of raw tomatoes.

The second event was a taste-test politely pushed on me at the Bremerton Farmers Market. A variety of colors and sizes of tomatoes were cut and arrayed on a table. I tasted several varieties, and I was in love.

My aging refining taste buds also helped.

Fresh-grown, vine-ripened tomatoes were what I’d been missing. Now I grow a few of my own and fear not a homemade salad covered in tomatoes.

So with this love of tomatoes, I’m excited to share some upcoming tomato-related events happening in Kitsap.

Several farmers markets are hosting tomato taste-offs to allow local growers to show off their fruits. And it’s also a good chance to see just how many kinds of tomatoes are out there.

The first happens Saturday, Sept. 4 on Bainbridge Island. They’ll be judged in three categories: Cherry Tomatoes (bring 6 for judging), Salad Tomatoes (bring 3) and Slicing Tomatoes (bring 1).

There’s a prestigious panel of judges and prizes for all first place winners. Buy Local Radio will broadcast from the event.

Tomato tasted-offs in Port Orchard and Poulsbo are both on Sept. 11.

The taste-off in Poulsbo They also have three categories: Cooking/Canning Tomatoes (Roma, Black Plum, Purple Russian, Florida Pink, San Marzano, etc.); Cherry/Pear tomatoes; and Slicing/Salad Tomatoes (Black Krim, Brandywine, Mayan Gold, etc.).

For the taste-off in Port Orchard, categories are Cherry tomatoes, Roma or paste or Slicing/beefsteak.

Check the links above for entry forms, times and other rules.

Not Much Time to Enter Most Foods for the Fair

This weekend kicks off the food and other exhibits for the Kitsap County Fair.

There’s not much time to enter most of the categories if you haven’t already started something, but here’s a little information on entering your food to be judged at the fair:

Cooks can enter in the open class food and canning exhibitions between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 23. The open class and canning includes things like breads, cakes, baked goods, candy, jams and jellies and other preserved foods.

You do, however, have a whole week to prepare for the pie baking contest, which this year includes a cheesecake category. You can enter fruit and berry pies between 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 29 and the cheesecakes from noon to 1 on Sunday.

I wonder if they still need judges for that cheesecake contest?

Entry rules and schedules are on Kitsap County’s web site.

Taming a Burger of ‘Goliath’ Proportions in Bremerton

Foodies, consider yourself warned: This is not a post about some gourmand or exotic delicacy.

This is about eating. And eating. And eating until you can’t eat anymore.

When the ’50s style Coffee Club Diner opened in the the old Park Avenue Diner spot in Bremerton on Armed Forces Day, one item on their lengthy menu didn’t go unnoticed for long.

At the bottom of their burgers listed, highlighted with a pink “Ka-Pow” kind of star burst is the Goliath Burger — “A monstrous 5Lb burger with 5 Lb of fries. Eat it all in 1 hour and get it for FREE!!” They promise that if you do, they’ll put your picture up on a wall of fame. If you don’t finish, it’s $25.

So far, no pictures have made it to the wall.

But seven people have tried.

The first would-be David was Cameron Stewart. He ate through to number four of 10 half-pound patties on one bun and a good portion of fries, all served on a large pizza-sized plate.

The second was my co-worker Paul Dent, who let me take video (or more likely, was nice about it when I showed up with a camera) of the spectacle.

I could try to describe what it’s like to try and watch someone eat 10 pounds of food, but really, you just have to be there, but you can get an idea by watching the video.

Watch the full-size version here.

Stewart just happened to be in the diner when Paul tried his attempt late last month. When Paul was done, they exchanged phone numbers and said they’d try an eat-off. So far, no date has been set.