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Chocolate Gifts from Kitsap Folks

I’ve mentioned a few places to get local gift-type foods, such as CBC Chocolates in Poulsbo.

But I learned about a new one on a recent post on the he Buy Local Food In Kitsap blog: Aunt Billie’s Chocolates near the Bremerton Airport.

I’ll start making a list of some of the local candy/fod gift makers in the area in case any of you are looking for ideas.

UPDATE: A couple more suggestions from a friend:

Carter’s Chocolates, brand-new place in Port Orchard’s Town Square (formerly the South Kitsap Mall)
Amy’s Decadent Chocolates in West Bremerton

Election Night = Atkins Antithesis

It’s election night at the Kitsap Sun. That means a newsroom buzzing at a later-than-normal hour with the chatter of cable news TV, the usual clicking of keyboards and chorus last minute phone calls as reporters and editors wait for our local results to stream in around 8 p.m.

Oh, and there’s the scrunching sound of napkins squeezed between pizza-grease-soaked fingers and the crinkle of candy wrappers. Keeping with tradition, we’re being fueled by pizza, courtesy of editor Scott Ware.

(We’ve handled the situation without fanfare, though it’s been a controversy in other newsrooms.)

We’ve also got a(nother) bag of extra Halloween candy to dispatch, and many of us went to the big coffee house you’ve undoubtedly heard of to get free Election Day coffee.

Since this is a food blog, I’ll give you the recipe:

1. Dial your pizza joint of choice and gracefully tolerate being put on hold for a minute.

2. When you’re back on the line with a real person, describe the size pie you’d like. Ex: Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large.

3. List your desired toppings slowly to the associate.

4. Wait 30 minutes, pay the delivery person (who will come right to your door!) and include a reasonable tip.

5. Open the box, pry off a slice of your pie and enjoy. Napkins are an optional, but recommended, addition.