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What are Your Favorite Campfire Concoctions?

Photo from iStock
Photo from iStock

With the gorgeous weather expected for this three-day weekend, it’s prime time for camping.

While I’m partial to the camping standards like hot dogs and s’mores, I’ve found a lot of fun in trying to get fancy with my fire-cooked meals, the best one being a skillet dinner made with rice cooked risotto-style with lots of bouillon-based broth, onions and chicken. I’ve also tried a campfire Bisquick apple cobbler, which was good, but the fire got too hot and the pot didn’t survive the stick.

For those like me, who like the occasional spruced-up campfire meal, The News Tribune today has a feature on campfire desserts, going beyond the s’mores to things like eclairs and camp brownies cooked over a charcoal chimney.

What camping concoctions have you come up with? The Boy Scouts have a pretty good Dutch Oven Cookbook, know of any other good camping cookbooks?