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Bremerton’s 15th Street Bakery has closed

Bremerton’s 15th Street Bakery next to the Hi-Lo’s 15th Street Cafe has closed. The owners of Hi-Lo had opened it as both a bakery and waiting area for the cafe after the death of the bakery’s previous owner Luigi Ferrari. But in recent months, hours had dwindled and this week, this sign was posted in the window:

The cafe still is open and regularly packed as usual. And if people in the neighborhood are looking for sweets and pastries, longtime Bremerton baker McGavin’s also is open about a half mile up Callow Ave. and still selling pink champagne cakes, too.

Still Looking Back at 2010’s Eateries: Part 3 of 4

Last week, I started taking quick looks at the new restaurants and eateries that opened their doors to Kitsap customers in 2010. This weekend, I’ll finish those glances with a look at the rest of places (one more post after this). I’d love to hear your takes on any of the new eating establishments. Here’s the post on restaurants that start with the letters B through E, and the last one with letters G through L.

Mirracole Morsels Granola Factory – Local granola maker Nicole Matheson (whose product you may have seen at area farmers markets or at Central Market) opened a factory and cooperative bakery in the old Kingston Hotel early this year. Offerings go beyond granola with cookies and trail mixes and bread from the Borrowed Kitchen Bakery, which shares in the co-op.
Location: 25931 Washington Blvd. NE (Corner of Highway 104 and Washington)

Paella Tapas Bar – An offshoot of Burrata Bistro, this Front Street Poulsbo restaurant offers wine and tapas, the “small plates” that sustain Spain’s Madrileños until their late-night dinners. Food reviewer Bernard Jacobson gave it a 9 out of 10 for food quality and 10/10 for service.
Location: 19006 Front Street, Poulsbo

Pane D’Amore – After finding artisan bread lovers in Lynwood with it’s bread truck — which was briefly shoo-ed away by city for violating city codes against mobile businesses — Elliott Yakush, as planned, set up a retail location in a less-mobile fashion next to the Treehouse Cafe, which let him sell his breads at a table.
Location: 4569 Lynwood Center, Bainbridge Island

Papa’s Bar and Grill – Todd and Lisa Arnold opened this locally flavored spot in the Perry Avenue Mall in the spot where Ammirato’s used to be. They offer fresh soup, pizza and burgers. Some of the local flavor literally comes in the form of Minder meat used in its burgers, but in the aesthetic sense, it’s a wall of East and West High photos. Customers can add their own.
Location: 2901 Perry Ave Suite #5, Bremerton

Pho Tai – This small establishment offers both Vietnamese pho and teriyaki. But it’ll be tough to compete with Poulsbo’s other locally loved pho restaurant, Pho T&N, which is right around the corner.
Location: 19367 7th Avenue

Bremerton 15th Street Bakery Now Open

Bremerton has a second bakery again, the 15th Street Bakery in the space formerly occupied by Luigi’s bakery. It opened earlier this week, thanks to Hi-Lo’s 15th Street Cafe owners Heidi and Lowell Yoxsimer, who have been working on the spot since this summer.

They have breads and pastries from the looks of the photos they posted to their Facebook page.

When they talked to The Bremelogger in September, they said they were getting specialty request, such as gluten-free or sugar-free.

If any of you have tried it out yet, let everyone know about it.

Oh, and in case you were curious, Bremerton’s other baker (besides the ones at the big grocery stores) is McGavin’s Bakery on Callow Avenue. It’s the “home of the pink champagne cake” (a personal favorite) and Larry & Kristi’s Bakery in Manette.