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Candied Bacon, Bacconalias and More Bacon

I thought the bacon hype would die down, but I was very wrong. In the past couple weeks, there has been much bacon talk in my world.

Two weekends ago, I decided that the secret to a good sausage gravy is bacon grease, and a little bit of cooked bacon. Yep, heart attack in progress. I’m still refining the recipe a bit, and will share it when I’m happy with it.

Apparently in tune with bacon on the brain, the folks at Seattle’s Cook Local posted this picture on twitter: Chocolate chip cookies with candied bacon. Think what you will, but this sounds pretty good to me. They promised a recipe, but suggested using regular chocolate chip cookie dough and mixing in candied bacon. They offered me these instructions to candy bacon on Twitter: take two strips, and in a ziploc bag with brown sugar, shake, then bake at 350-degrees for 15 minutes. Cool and chop.

And adding to the bacon front, today I saw this upcoming event mentioned in Seattle Magazine: Baconopolis from 6-8 p.m. Feb. 25. Cost is $30 and includes boutique bacon tastings and bacon-enhanced dishes and desserts with Seattle celebrity chef Tom Douglas. To buy tickets contact Christie at 206.448.2001 or email her at: christinal@tomdouglas.com.

When I went to look up more information on the event, I also found a bacon bun recipe from Tom Douglas. Read it here.

I think all this means that Kitsap needs to have its own bacon festival, a Kitsap Bacconalia, if you will.

Food News You Can Use (or at Least be Amused by)

I try to spend at least once a week where I read through my favorite food blogs to see all that’s new in the world of culinaria. I try to share what I read with links over to the right on the “Food Stories” page, but I thought I should start sharing some of the highlights in a post.

So kicking off the roundup of food news, here are some tidbits from around the food world this week:

Spring is in the air and farm-fresh food is on the way or here. Bainbridge blog Small Potatoes and Seattle bloggers at Cooklocal.com have welcomed asparagus season to the Pacific Northwest with (respectively) a simple roasted asparagus recipe and a  roasted asparagus with hazelnuts and parmesan recipe.

Not even food bloggers are immune to mentions of Susan Boyle. The British overlooked-plain-Jane turned golden-crooner, crowd-stunner now has a dish named after her, courtesy of The Amateur Gourmet. His Susan Boyled Potatoes hide a delicious-looking hidden surprise.

Just when you thought bacon was passé, So Good Blog’s Meat Madness bracket concluded today that bacon still reigns supreme, beating out steak for the championship match. And furthering bacon’s status, Seattle restaurateur Tom Douglas has sold out seats for this evening’s Baconopolis event, which offered taste tests of five kinds of bacon and related appetizers.

Not bacon, but still on the subject of meat, a Pennsylvania company has created a new way to market your company AND sustain yourself if you’re lost in the woods. Meatcards.com offers laser-etched beef jerky in card-sized bits. Might have to trade in the business card holder for plastic Zip-Loc.

And going back to bacon, we learn that the 2 a.m. rush to the diner after a night of whooping it up can really make a difference. That greasy breakfast apparently does cure your hangover, say British researchers.

While it’s not necessarily news (or in any way related to bacon), Manolith.com has created a nifty graphic history of beer complete with quotes from Plato, Shakespeare and Herbert Hoover and a mention of the invention of Beer Pong.

And finally in food news: Apparently it’s not just shopping hungry that makes you buy impulsively, according to an opinion piece in the  New York Times. Just a relaxed shop around a grocery store negates some of the careful list-planning and bargain hunting. Lessons: Really, really stick to the list and/or set yourself on a timer. Go!

That’s it for now. Hope all of you have a great weekend with great meals and desserts!