Beer Alert: A Little Brew and a Few Strange Folks Coming

I can get away with calling some people from Port Townsend strange. I mean, the unofficial town slogan is “We’re here because we’re not all there.” And I love that little city all the more for it.

I can find myriad reasons for going: to visit some pretty good people, fantastic consignment shops, good restaurants, a place to get vintage cookbooks and coming Jan. 28-30, the seventh annual Strange Brewfest.

In years past, it had been hosted at Water Street Brewing, which closed its doors in June. But people involved with Water Street are again involved in the Strange Brewfest, though this year it will be at the American Legion, which just happens to about double the space.

Thirty breweries will be there, as will food (the site hints at some kind of fresh fish tacos), and entertainment ranges from music to a costume contest Saturday. Cost is $25 cash.

2 thoughts on “Beer Alert: A Little Brew and a Few Strange Folks Coming

  1. If ever a song could be called …”…I left my heart in Port Townsend…” – it would be Port Townsend.
    No matter how many times I visited, it was never tiresome…it seemed to hum with today’s vigor and yesterday’s past. Charming, exciting, old, young …

    Thirty breweries in one place – the motels will be full.

    When you go, grab a Port Townsend Leader newspaper…a super weekly…
    Neat article about a superb town, thanks.
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. I went to this competition last year and it was a blast. I left with a full stomach from delicious food and of course from beer too. Plenty of beer samples and they were all really good. Recommend it to anyone that can make it.

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