How Much Do You Tip at Restaurants?


One of the buzzes of the food world right now is a recent Zagat survey of major U.S. cities, part of which says that people who live on the West Coast are among the worst tippers. People in Seattle tip an average 18.6 percent, while the U.S. average is 19.2 percent. Perhaps this is a reflection of Washington’s higher minimum wage for restaurant workers, while in other states many workers’ earnings rely on tips. Or maybe we’re just a bunch of cheapskates, if you count an 18.6  percent tip as cheap.

What do you think? How much to you regularly tip?

4 thoughts on “How Much Do You Tip at Restaurants?

  1. I tip 15-20% for average service and incrementally higher for better service. Any time I tip below 15%, which is pretty rare, it’s because of some serious attitude or egregious error.

  2. I am usually in the 18-25% range.. but, I have a question about tipping. Several places I frequent, I am occasionally waited on by the restaurant owner. How much do you tip the owner?

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