New Japanese Restaurant on the Menu for Silverdale

It looks like there’s a new Japanese restaurant in Silverdale. No, it’s not another sushi place (Hakata’s has that pretty well covered in Silverdale). It’s a teppanyaki style restaurant, where meats and vegetables are cooked over a hot, flat grill while you watch. It’s called Fujiyama Japanese Steak House & Bar has in the Town Centre plaza

According to local blogger and real estate agent Rich Jacobson, who was invited to a preview taste at the restaurant (and wrote about it. He says:

“… Fujiyami serves up a wide array of elements as standard with their dinner entrees. You get a bowl of onion soup, a tangy tossed salad, choice of white sticky rice or fried rice, teppan-grilled vegetables with shrimp, and your selected entree. Prices for the dinner faire were fairly moderate, especially given the entertaining aspect of meal preparation.”

If they serve my favorite Japanese grill dish, okonomiyaki, and if they do it well, I may just be in heaven. I’ll be trying it out myself sometime after the holidays. If any of you go, please tell me how it is.

9 thoughts on “New Japanese Restaurant on the Menu for Silverdale

  1. Hey, Angela! Thanks for the mention. I have a feeling that Fujiyama’s is going to be a very busy place, given Kitsap County’s shortfall of fine dining establishments. There were a few bugs that needed to be worked out, but I’m confident that Mr. Chen will not settle for anything but excellence and complete customer satisfaction.

  2. For those of us who don’t know the name of every strip mall in CK, where is Town Centre plaza? Street? Address? other businesses near there?

  3. I was about the say the same thing as Paul. Don’t give us useless information like the strip mall name, nobody uses those. Give us street adresses or location in reference to major businesses.

  4. Paul: My bad. I neglected to include that in my review. It’s fixed now.

    Fujiyama Japanese Steak House & Bar
    9989 Silverdale Way NW, #109
    Silverdale, WA 98383(360) 692-5888
    Corner of Kitsap Mall Blvd. & Silverdale Way. Same plaza as Big 5 Sports.

  5. Pretty sketchy “article” here.

    It would have been helpful if the writer had gone to the trouble of interviewing the proprietor of the place, and shared some more detailed info about menu, prices, etc.

  6. Paul, this wasn’t a restaurant review. This is a blog, in which I was alerting you to another blogger who wrote about the restaurant.
    – Angela Dice

  7. Boy, tough crowd!

    Paul: I mentioned in my article that the prices were moderate. I shared everything in detail that we ordered. Most teppanyaki restaurants offer very similar entrees – chicken, steak, scallops, and lobster. I completely agree that the actual physical location/directions, etc. should be included, and I’ve amended my article accordingly. I really appreciate your input!

  8. My favorite is origami sushi, I loved Hakata but I like Origami even more. They are in front of the Red Apple at the end of Silverdale Way. Their sushi is so fresh and tasty AND they serve a variety of southeast Asian dishes- Thai, Korean etc. When our ‘big city’ (LA/NYC) relatives visit we go out to eat at Origami and mor Mor in Poulsbo and they are always impressed.

  9. My son and I went to this great place for lunch and was very impressed.The choices are great the prices are average of $8.50 to $11.50 for lunch and the food was wonderful- no complaints here we will be regulars and plan on letting everyone we know how great it is.The service was great very friendly and accommodating.

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