Bremerton 15th Street Bakery Now Open

Bremerton has a second bakery again, the 15th Street Bakery in the space formerly occupied by Luigi’s bakery. It opened earlier this week, thanks to Hi-Lo’s 15th Street Cafe owners Heidi and Lowell Yoxsimer, who have been working on the spot since this summer.

They have breads and pastries from the looks of the photos they posted to their Facebook page.

When they talked to The Bremelogger in September, they said they were getting specialty request, such as gluten-free or sugar-free.

If any of you have tried it out yet, let everyone know about it.

Oh, and in case you were curious, Bremerton’s other baker (besides the ones at the big grocery stores) is McGavin’s Bakery on Callow Avenue. It’s the “home of the pink champagne cake” (a personal favorite) and Larry & Kristi’s Bakery in Manette.

4 thoughts on “Bremerton 15th Street Bakery Now Open

    1. You’re absolutely right! (Sound of hand smacking forehead.) Too much West side on the brain. Post will be updated.

  1. This is the only one that makes a GOOD artisan bread – bought at couple loaves of the Pugliese – they were awesome!

  2. We stopped in there a bit after noon today. The selection was getting thin, but the Kalamata Olive bread is delicious!!! Highly recommend getting there early for the best selection!

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