Gourmet Magazine to Print No More

Ah! It’s the end of an era for high-end foodies: Publisher Condé Nast announced today that it would cease publication of Gourmet magazine. The company will continue to publish Bon Appetít.

The magazine, which had its first issue January 1941, became emblematic of good living and eating, but had suffered a decrease in ad sales due, in part, to the economic recession and downturns in the publishing industry. Recipes from the publication will continue to be on http://epicurious.com/

The closing was called “an American tragedy” by Saveur magazine editor James Oseland.

5 thoughts on “Gourmet Magazine to Print No More

  1. i linked into your blog through Foodie Blogroll. So surprised to see the address of pugetsoudblog, then discover this is the Kitsap Sun! i grew up in Bremerton and Silverdale. Like to read the local news a few times a year. Great food articles.

    1. Thanks! Always love finding good Kitsap folk! Love the fantastic looking recipes on your blog, and am looking forward to trying some out. And I’m very, very jealous of your kitchen!

  2. I was crushed about Gourmet magazine. I depended on Gourmet each month to take me to faraway places, to enjoy food, culture and food politics. I am so going to miss them 🙁

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