A Tour Inside Carter’s Chocolates in Port Orchard

Sometimes, my job is so rough. Like this week I had to go sling a video camera to a Port Orchard chocolate maker who gave both me and entertainment reporter Michael Moore a taste-included lesson on gourmet chocolates.

You’re feeling sorry for me about now, right? I didn’t think so.

It ended up being such a fun assignment (yes, I assigned it to myself), I went back to Carter’s Chocolates in the South Kitsap Mall to take video of Matt Carter dipping the chocolate and to learn a little more.

Since there was so much material, this is going to be a two-post deal. This first is to share Michael’s story, which appears in Friday’s A&E section in the paper and to show the resulting video. Next week, I’ll add in footage from my first video scouting trip, in which Carter dropped some chocolate knowledge on video.

But until then, here’s the video of Carter giving the basics of his shop and his chocolates: