What are Your Favorite Campfire Concoctions?

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With the gorgeous weather expected for this three-day weekend, it’s prime time for camping.

While I’m partial to the camping standards like hot dogs and s’mores, I’ve found a lot of fun in trying to get fancy with my fire-cooked meals, the best one being a skillet dinner made with rice cooked risotto-style with lots of bouillon-based broth, onions and chicken. I’ve also tried a campfire Bisquick apple cobbler, which was good, but the fire got too hot and the pot didn’t survive the stick.

For those like me, who like the occasional spruced-up campfire meal, The News Tribune today has a feature on campfire desserts, going beyond the s’mores to things like eclairs and camp brownies cooked over a charcoal chimney.

What camping concoctions have you come up with? The Boy Scouts have a pretty good Dutch Oven Cookbook, know of any other good camping cookbooks?

9 thoughts on “What are Your Favorite Campfire Concoctions?

  1. For way better s’mores ditch the marshmallows and use “peeps”. Yes, the peeps you typically receive at Easter. Because they have a sugar coating, it caramelizes in the fire and gives the smores a wonderful creme brule type taste. Not to mention that the caramelization keeps things a little more contained like a soft shell and the s’mores tend not to be quite so messy and are easier to handle for kids.

  2. Banana boats: My wife introduced these to me about 12 years ago. Hold a banana so it curves up. Peel one section off the top of the banana (or the boat), but don’t detach the peel.
    Cut several sections out of the meat of the banana(the seats).
    Put a section of hershey’s chocolate into the “seats”, they are the backs of the seats.
    Into the “seats” put two mini-marshmallows into the seats.
    Wrap the entire concoction into a couple of layers of aluminum foil and place into the hot coals. In a couple of minutes you have a tasty, gooey treat that you eat with a spoon. I don’t particularly like sweets, but this is incredible.

  3. I love making “hobo” dinners. You need a piece of aluminum foil about the size of a dinner plate. You place your choice of meat in the center, add your choice of seasonings, pile on sliced carrots and potatoes, wrap up the foil (pocket-style), and bake near hot coals for about 1/2 hour. I’ve tried a curry chicken, hamburger, and steak. Very good stuff and easy clean up.

  4. Wow! These all sound fantastic. Definitely trying the banana boats, peeps (can you still get them this time of year?) and hobo dinner.

    – Angela

  5. Foil dinners. Definitely foil dinners.

    Take a very large piece of foil and in the middle layer thick slices of potato, thin slices of carrot, slices of red onion and celery, seasoning of your choice, and your favorite meat (thinly sliced or diced). Roll it up so it won’t leak in the fire. Toss it in the fire for about 20-25 minutes and you have one very hearty and delicious dinner! And clean-up is easy!

    Kathryn Simpson

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