Beating The Heat With Frozen Fruity Desserts

All I can think about today is being outside. I’ve been taking a look again at suggestions of best places to head after work on a sunny day.

And I’ve been craving ice cream, gelato, sorbet and the like since I woke up. I’ve been particularly wanting to try out a recipe I ran across yesterday on Foodista, the Seattle-based food encyclopedia. It was a Watermelon Ice recipe that was really basic using only sugar, watermelon, water and some lime leaves. Best part was it didn’t require an ice-cream maker, just some patience and ability to stir up the mix over the course of half a day. Because of that last part, I didn’t quite have time to make it last night, but it will definitely be tried out soon. I’ll leave a comment here letting you know how it went. Or if you try it, let me know how it goes.

I’m going to try a raspberry fruit ice, a strawberry and, taking an idea from a drink I saw at Bremerton’s Hi-Fidelity Lounge and combining strawberry with basil.

But since my interest in fruit ice was piqued, I looked up and found a couple other interesting recipes.

Epicurious has a recipe for Fresh Fruit Ice Trio: Lime, Watermelon & Pineapple and a site called Flora’s Hideout had a recipe for a mixed-fruit ice beverage that included strawberries, bananas and gelatin.