Anthony Bourdain in Seattle, and Other Wednesday News Tidbits

One of the things I’ve always loved about Wednesdays are the food sections in the big daily newspapers. I’m not entirely sure sure why it’s Wednesdays, but it may be linked to all the grocery ads that ran on the same day.

Though most of these sections have become skimpier, relegated to a small page (sadly, like ours, which is now down to a couple columns that run on Sundays in print and online with an occasional restaurant review in A&E) or done away with altogether because of budget cuts and the emergence of some really good food bloggers, a few gems can still be found in a newspaper.

Mostly, this is my long way of getting into a few items I saw in todays papers:

In the Seattle Times, they had a Q&A with my favorite television food star, Anthony Bourdain of the “No Reservations” show on the Travel channel. He will be with chef Mario Batali Saturday at The Paramount Theatre. Sadly, I have another commitment that night, plus the $45 to $175 tickets were a bit on the high end for me right now.

The Times also had some excerpts from food writer Nancy Lesson’s blog, namely a note on a new Queen Anne restaurant and new features at a Georgetown restaurant.

In the Tacoma News Tribune, their food feature was about South Sound cooking classes. Apparently more folks are trying to cook good food at home for various reasons, from seeing others do it on the vast number of cooking shows and to save a few bucks. They list three cooking classes and prices.

I think I’ll steal their idea and compile a larger list of Kitsap-side cooking classes. That’s the other thing papers are good for, stealing ideas. And wrapping your fish.

If any of you hear of any cooking classes, let me know. I’m not kidding about stealing that idea.

Well, that’s all the news that’s fit to type out in a few minutes … Until next time.

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