On a Food-Making Mission: High-FIber Foods

I spent part of my weekend taking some of the great meal-planning tips from readers last week. It included a pretty big shopping trip for more pantry staples, pre-cooking some meals for this week and doing a little extra chopping of garlic and onions for the freezer.

It helped that I also had a mission to motivate me. A relative of mine was recently diagnosed with a health ailment that requires eating nearly 60 grams of fiber a day. (That’s more than double what a woman on a normal healthy diet would eat. Women should have 21 to 25 degrees per day and men should have about 30-38 grams, according to the Mayo Clinic.) Consequently, she finds herself having to eat a lot of food.

So I decided to help —  whether she wants it or not, here it comes —  by testing out some recipes and giving her some frozen meals to take home.

I started out by looking online and in my cookbooks to better acquaint myself with what foods are high in fiber. Some are obvious, like bran, whole grains, beans, peas etc. A few were surprising to me, like raspberries, which have 8 grams of fiber per 1 cup serving, and avocados, which have more than 11 grams per avocado.

If you’re looking for resources about high-fiber foods, I found USDA’s Food and Information Center, mayoclinic.com to be useful, good places to start.

I’ll be posting later on a couple successful recipes I tried out this weekend and ones I’ll be trying out later this week. Please share any good-tasting, high-fiber recipes that you have as well!

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