Nightmare Visions While Making Peanut Butter Cookies

I wanted to make something pretty simple for an office potluck we were going to have today, and, owing to an after-dinner sweet hankering decided on some quick little peanut butter cookies.

But as I was dropping the peanut butter into the bowl, I had this brief vision of causing the whole news staff to call in sick with salmonella. It would be all my fault that we’d have no local news in the paper (insert snide reader comment here), and I’d have to relinquish the food blog and be banned from ever sharing food again.

So, I felt the need to go look up my peanut butter to make sure it wasn’t on the peanut recall list, and thought I’d share where to find recalled products. The FDA has a searchable database of all recalled peanut butter products.

They even have a little widget you can post on your websites of blogs, like I’ve done below.

Thus far, there have been no reported outbreaks in Kitsap (if you’ve heard otherwise, let me know), at least not in my office anyway.