How to Prep Poultry, a Video

I wanted to make a little how-to video on prepping a turkey, but there was no way I was going to cook a turkey this weekend, so I practiced with a chicken — and videotaped it. Later in the week, I’ll share the great chicken recipe that went along with thie little chicken. So enjoy my cheesy little video and the tips I’ve written afterward. You can watch the full-sized version at

A few tips from the video and a few extras:

  • Yep, it’s gross. Get used to it.
  • Get all your tools, stuffing, etc. out and on the counter BEFORE you get started or you’re going to either a) have to wash your hands about 20 times b) contaminate your cabinet and door handles or c) (my favorite) annoy the holy heck out of your significant other while you ask him or her to get stuff out for you.
  • Put your seasonings underneath the skin to flavor the meat. Putting it on the skin flavors the skin, which tastes good, but that’s as far as the flavor goes.
  • The USDA-safe temperature for cooked poultry is 165-degrees, but if you pull it out of the oven at 155-degrees and let it rest, the insides will continue cooking. Check the temperature in the thick part of the thigh because it cooks the slowest.