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As the Dust Settles…

Title sounds like a title for a soap opera, don’t ya think?  I guess in the week following the West Sound Small Farms Expo, it feels a bit like a soap opera.  Still trying to find the plot to my life after planning such a large event, I do have a few projects that are demanding attention.  The projects are quite sexy. But first, to kick this Valentine story off, here’s a picture to make you drool:

Poulsbo's Washington Tractor brought TWO lusty green tractors to the Expo...and look at that no-till drill!

Wipe up the drool and let’s get back to the projects!

Community Supported Agriculture–  It is CSA time, what doesn’t turn you on about fresh veggies grown right here in Kitsap County?  There’s nothing greater than true love and a homegrown tomato.  We will be developing a one pager list of local CSA’s.

Farm to Table – Cascade Harvest Coalition, WSU Kitsap Small Farms, and the Kitsap Food Chain project are teaming up to bring a Farm to Table.  This is an event for our local farmers, chefs, schools, distributors, etc. to gather, gain some wisdom, share some food, and then speed date with one another in search of the perfect fit.  Romantic, eh?

Good Gut Health – Nothing sexy about guts, however a gut out of balance leads to disastrous results.  Two workshops in the series, these are the first food preservation workshops of the year to be held at the dearly- loved Haselwood YMCA.  March 3, 1-3 (Vegetable Ferments) and March 10, 1-3 (fermented drinks – non alcoholic).  Pre-Registering is required!

Kitsap’s Horses for Clean Water project – Collect, Cover, Compost – Manure Management– Looking out for number one, and taking care of number two… we have failed to nail down the perfect title, but basically it is a steamy story that aims to reach out to the owners of the 8,000 horses in Kitsap.  The Puget Sound is in trouble – take care of your poo!  Coming to a 4-H club near you!

Diane’s love life is shaping up, too.  She is all sorts of twitterpated over the No-Till Drill project she is in charge of.  Farmers reducing their carbon footprint is hot!  Of course every Thursday night she is out on the town teaching the ever popular, Cultivating Success – Ag Entrepreneurship class.  This session is pretty full – 40 attendees!  That’s more people learning how to bring us more LOCAL FOOD!

Okay, that is enough of the Farmer Love Story, the roosters are signaling chore time.  Want more?  Though our blog postings are erratic, you can get your daily dose of all things farm girl at our Facebook page, “WSU Kitsap Small Farms”.



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