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My Final Four Picks

What the heck…I went out on a limb for the New Orleans Saints in the Super Bowl. It’s time for another bold prediction.

In the semi-finals today, it will be Butler beating Michigan State by 5 points, and Duke edging West Virginia by 1 point. This will set up a beauty on Monday with the perennial powerhouse Dukies taking on the hometown boys. Straight out of Hoosiers. I can imagine Gene Hackman walking out on the floor next to Brad Stevens to help him lead the lads to victory. Maybe Dennis Hopper can make this game…

I’m going Butler all the way for the Cinderella story in their home town. This, of course, will need amendment if they lose today!

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Off to the East again

Looks like the Huskies and I have something in common. West Virginia.

Ironically, I will be staying in West Virginia on Thursday right when the Dawgs are playing the Mountaineers. My daughter goes to school right across the Ohio River and we will be visiting her. I will definitely be wearing my purple and gold on Thursday.

The Dawgs have a terrific shot at another upset. The key to this game will be their 3-point shooting. Against Cal, Marquette, and New Mexico it was superb. They can’t afford to be cold from the outside in this game. If the outside shots are dropping, my “homer” pick is Huskies 81 West Virginia 79.

You heard it here first!

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