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Super Bowl Prediction

Okay…that time has come again. The BIG game and it’s setting up to be a fun one in Indy.

I’m rooting for the Giants. However, unlike the last time these two met in the Super Bowl and the Patriots were trying to make history by going undefeated, I just don’t think Tom Brady will be denied. The Giants are hot and seem to have the most complete team. That being said, the Patriots are quietly hot, too. And, they have one of the best Super Bowl QBs in the game. Brady is trying to match Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw with 4 Super Bowl wins. He has 5 appearances which I believe now is the most (Bradshaw and Montana 4-0; John Elway 2-2; and Jim Kelly 0-4).

More than anything I’m rooting for a great game. I just think in the end, Brady will find a way to win it for the Pats. My prediction – Patriots 27 Giants 24.

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Athletes of the Decade

Tiger Woods was just named by the Associated Press Athlete of the Decade, despite his recent “out of bounds” problems.  The voters got it right.  Despite his “transgressions,” what Tiger did on the golf course was truly spectacular. You must separate the two for this type of honor.  Doubt he will get Father of the Year votes, but he’s the man when it comes to purely playing his sport at the highest level.

This got me thinking, though.  As we end this first decade of the 21st century, who are the various athletes of the decade in different sports?  Here’s my list:

Football:  Tom Brady – Four Super Bowl appearances with 3 victories. Two-time Super Bowl MVP.  2007 NFL MVP.

Basketball: Kobe Bryant – Nudges out LeBron. Led his team to 4 NBA championships in the decade. Three time MVP of the league.

Baseball: Albert Pujols – Three-time National League MVP and one World Series ring. Eight-time All-Star. 366 home runs and a .334 batting average in the decade. Gold Glove award in 2006.

Golf: Tiger Woods – Nobody is close. Sixty-four tournament wins, including 12 majors. End of story.

Other Sports: Lance Armstrong – Seven Tour de France wins.

If I were a voter,(which I should be don’t you think), my top three would be:

1 – Tiger Woods

2 – Lance Armstrong

3 – Tom Brady

What about you?  Feel free to voice your comments on this blog. Should make for great dialogue.


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