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Humanity and Joe Namath

Joe Namath and Suzy Kolber

This past weekend, I got the opportunity to watch a fascinating documentary on Hall of Fame QB Joe Namath. It shows on HBO and prominently includes interviews with Namath, teammates, journalists, and Beaver Falls, PA residents.

One of the things that most impacted me was the incident that occurred between Namath and ESPN sideline reporter Suzy Kolber during a 2003 prime time game between the Jets and Miami Dolphins.

Namath was honored along with his teammates from the 1969 Super Bowl team. Namath admitted that he had been drinking heavily all day. By the time the 4th quarter rolled around, he was completely intoxicated. Kolber was charged with interviewing Broadway Joe. In the beginning, it was apparent that Namath was having some issues talking, but they had no idea what was about to happen in front of the entire prime time audience. Namath eschewed Kolber’s question about Chad Pennington and several times told her he wanted to kiss her. ESPN scrambled to get out of it, but the damage was done.

Namath admits he was humiliated. In fact, that set the stage for him to reform his life to where it is today. But, I digress. The thing that resonated with me was the response by Suzy Kolber.

She was interviewed for this documentary and clearly recounted the event, with assistance from the footage. She recounted how Namath called her the next day to apologize. She said it took him 5 minutes to apologize and she accepted. She then spent 45 more minutes on the phone with him talking football and life. Here’s what she said that so intrigued me. She said, “What I saw was a really good guy who was in trouble.” She felt bad for him, didn’t judge him, and saw him not as some drunk who couldn’t control himself, but as a regular guy who needed help.

In the world of sports, we are very quick to pass judgement. We often look for and hope that successful people fail (see Tim Tebow). We automatically jump to the conclusion that someone is damaged. I loved that Suzy Kolber looked deeper. She really exuded a perspective that thinks of the human being first. Often, journalists are the most cynical. Kolber showed humanity.

I’m as guilty as most of us. It’s easy to throw guys under the bus; make fun of them; and not worry about consequences to their lives. Suzy Kolber gave me perspective and one that I hope I can keep the next time my QB throws an interception or one of my sports “heroes” falls.

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The Daily Dan on Assignment to the Big Apple

Well…sort of. I’m heading to New York City for a three-day business trip. Because of my travel day tomorrow, I’m putting up an early edition of the Monday Morning QB…

1 – Huskies – The hoop hounds got the job done in Oregon. Two nice road wins to catapult them into a rematch with the Beavers. The Pac-10 will get two teams into the tourney. Most likely, it will be the last two standing in the championship game (unless Cal gets upset). That means the Dawgs need to dispatch the bitter Beavers and then probably knock off Arizona State. Which road team will show up?

2 – Seahawks – According to ESPN, the Broncos want a #1 pick for Marshal  and may be looking to deal. The Hawks let Nate Burleson go and now are in desperate need of a quality WR. Talk is that there may be more teams involved. Could this be posturing by Denver? Stay tuned. At the same time, the Hawks are going to work out Tim Tebow. Remember my blog earlier about Tebow being a Seahawk? Seneca Wallace may be courted by Mike Holmgren and the Browns. Stay tuned here, too.

3 – Mariners – Not much news early. Spring training is just heating up in the desert.

I will make sure I report from NYC this week.

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The Case For Tim Tebow and the Seahawks

“And with their pick in the second round, the Seattle Seahawks select…Tim Tebow from the University of Florida…”

Now, THAT’S what I’d love to hear next April. I know all the pundits say Tebow’s not a pro-style QB; he has a slow release; and there’s doubt he can be an effective starter in this league.  Now, this pundit will tell you why he’s perfect for the Hawks.

  1. He’s a winner.  We need more of those. Two national championships in four years with a whole lot of wins.
  2. He’s a leader. We need more of those, too.
  3. No pressure to be a savior. Matt Hasselbeck can still play and he would learn from the all-time best QB in Seahawks history and a former Super Bowl QB. See Aaron Rodgers, Matt Hasselbeck, and Tom Brady for examples of guys who sat for a couple of years before bursting on the scene.
  4. The Wildcat Option. No disrespect to Seneca Wallace, but I’d much rather have a “Tebow Package” than a “Seneca Package.” If Jim Mora wants to run that option which is in vogue, I can’t think of another guy I’d rather have run it, except for maybe Pat White in Miami.
  5. Not gambling with a 1st Round pick. Tebow’s not going in the first round.  We can’t afford to miss there.  2nd and 3rd round picks offer more flexibility.
  6. Potential. If he never materializes into a starting NFL QB, so be it. He’s a guy who makes any team better with intangibles and athleticism. But, if there’s even a chance he can transfer his abilities eventually to the pros, he could be the steal of the draft and a great leader.

Here’s your chance to agree or disagree. Based off last night’s performance, I think it might be difficult to disagree, but you have your shot anyway.  Please comment on this blog and let the debate begin.  BTW – I appreciate all the comments I get on Facebook, but if you wouldn’t mind commenting on the blog, then more people will be able to be engaged and debating.

Tim Tebow in Seattle.  It has the right ring to it!