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The Perfect Storm

OK…I know there is one more game to win, but let’s give some credit where it is due. Seattle is a basketball town and the Storm have ably filled the shoes of our now departed Sonics. Kudos to the ownership group that wrested control away from Clay Bennett. I don’t think Bennett wanted the Storm, however in the WNBA world, the Storm are unique as there are only 2 independent (from the NBA) owned teams.

They definitely have the star power with Lauren Jackson, Sue Bird, and Swin Cash. One more win and they will have 2 WNBA titles in the last 5 years. Go Storm!

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A Seattle Legend Dies…

If you had been a fly on the wall of my bedroom in 1973 when I was 8 years old, you would have often seen me with a transistor radio and single ear bud attached to my ear between October and May.  The voice I loved to hear would smoothly announce the exploits of Spencer Haywood, Willie Norwood, Mike Bantom, and Downtown Freddie Brown.  My first group of sports heroes were brought to life by the great (and this is no understatement) Bob Blackburn.

“The Voice” passed away yesterday at the age of 85.

I was lucky.  I grew up listening to the great voices.  Pete Gross with the Seahawks, Dave Niehaus with the Mariners, and Blackburn with the Sonics.  Blackburn was the original voice in Seattle, though.  He was the sole broadcaster for 20 years and then joined by Kevin Calabro in 1987.

Audible memories rushed to my head when I heard Blackburn died. I can still hear him calling the last seconds of Game 5 of the NBA Finals when Gus Williams threw the ball up in the air upon winning the championship.  I remember tales of Jack Sikma, Dennis Johnson, Dale Ellis, Tom Chambers, and Gary Payton come to life.  He was a true master.

In an age before cable and satellite, Blackburn was the only window we had to our favorite team.  It is a huge loss to the community.

Thank you Bob Blackburn…


Seattle Sports Stars Over the Decades

I realized as we started a new decade a few days ago, that I embarking on my fifth decade of feverishly following sports.  I remember 1973 (8 years old) watching a still young Supersonics franchise led by Head Coach Bill Russell. The Seahawks and Mariners didn’t exist, so I adopted the Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Reds until the local teams showed up.  It was 1974 when my dad took me to my first University of Washington game against the hated Oregon Ducks (and we won).

As the Seattle Sports Star of the year turns 75 in 2010, I thought I would put together my own personal players of my decades.  I look forward to your “nominations” and push back. That’s what makes sports fun. Please make sure to comment on this site so everyone can participate, comment, and debate…


UW – Joe Steele

Sonics – Fred Brown

Seahawks – Jim Zorn

Mariners – Julio Cruz

Coach – Lenny Wilkens (Sonics – 1979 NBA Champs)


UW – Jacques Robinson (Nate’s dad)

Sonics – Tom Chambers

Seahawks – Steve Largent

Mariners – Alvin Davis

Coach – Don James (UW – 9 bowl games and no losing seasons)


UW – Marques Tuiasosopo

Sonics – Gary Payton

Seahawks – Cortez Kennedy

Mariners – Ken Griffey Jr.

Coach – Lou Piniella (multiple playoffs – saved team along with Junior)

* Honorable Mention to George Karl (Sonics – NBA Finals)


UW – Jake Locker

Sonics – Ray Allen

Seahawks – Walter Jones (I dare you to argue. First ballot Hall of Famer; dominated the LT position for the decade)

Mariners – Ichiro Suzuki

Storm – Lauren Jackson

Coach – Mike Holmgren (Super Bowl XL, 4 NFC West titles)

Overall DW Stars:

UW – Marques Tuiasosopo

Sonics – Gary Payton

Seahawks – Steve Largent

Mariners – Ken Griffey Jr.

Storm – Lauren Jackson

Coaches – Don James and Mike Holmgren

I admit, I will need help with the Sounders. I’m not a soccer guy, but I’ll try.

OK…who are your picks?