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Stanley Cup and Pac-ish

The Chicago Blackhawks won their first Stanley Cup since before I was born (they last won in 1961). This is a shout-out to all my pals from the Windy Cindy on what mist be a joyous day.

On the homefront, it’s been busy with Pac-ish “stuff:”

1 – USC just got drilled. Sanctions due to the Reggie Bush fiasco has cost them a 2-year bowl ban and what may be much worse – severely limited scholarships for the next three years. Washington had two years of scholarship reductions in the mid-90’s and it took 5 years to recover. Ironic that this mostly focuses on Reggie Bush just like Billy Joe Hobert was the “criminal” in the UW debacle.

2 – Colorado is now official. I expect up to five more schools to join – Texas and Oklahoma being the most notable. Actually adds some excitement to not just football, but to the entire cadre of sports.

3 – How tough will it be for USC to climb out of this hole now? It used to be you needed to jump over about half the teams in the conference. Now, the competition on the field and on the recruiting trail will be so tough…this may be an incredibly difficult hurdle to overcome.

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Pac-10 Expansion

What do you think of potential Pac-10 expansion?

I actually think it’s exciting. I remember when the conference was merely the Pac-8 and the Arizona schools joined. Expansion always brings in a level of excitement because of the unknown, the newness, and in this case, potential big names. Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado have been bandied about as potential new schools. Certainly, football has the most to gain and will bring the most controversy and chatter, but I would argue that the other sports also can benefit. Increased revenue and exposure would be a certainty. The administrative “stuff” would need to be worked out regarding scheduling and post-season, but I say “why not?”

Who knows, it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

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Back from the Big Apple

The big news while I was in New York was the Big East tournament. Hoops is huge in New York and the place was abuzz with basketball. St. John’s dismantling of Connecticut certainly made the city happy.

Pac-10 play is just underway and the Cougs got rudely bumped out by Oregon in OT. Undoubtedly a precursor to a great weekend. The Pac-10 may be down, but the competition should be good. There’s a lot on the line and I’m convinced two teams will get in.

So, what did happen in my absence…

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Husky Mens Hoop Now Needs to Win Out

The Dawgs played better on the road against the top program in the conference in Cal.  The loss is critical to post-season hopes.  I think they still have a chance to finish second if they win out.  Road games against the Oregon schools that are struggling, a road game at WSU that will be tough, and hold serve at home against the LA schools.  That MIGHT get them in to the dance, otherwise they need to win the Pac-10 tournament.

That old saying of the more you win early, the less you have to win late is holding true.  Those early season losses to Oregon at home, ASU on the road, and the UCLA blunder with a late lead is costing them big time.  No more room for error now.

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Pac-10 Lays an Egg in Bowls


A 2-5 bowl record punctuated by Oregon’s loss to Ohio State in the Rose Bowl leaves a bad taste in the mouth for the conference. Last year, a perfect 6-0 record gave the Pac-10 credibility among the naysayers. This year is a huge disappointment.

Chief among them are Oregon, Oregon State, and Arizona. All the teams lost by large margins, were completely outplayed, and as the top three teams in the conference were expected to be better.

I admit that what’s good for the Pac-10 is good for the schools. Let’s hope that next year fares better.