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Monday Morning QB

Only one topic today on the QB…

One of the great sporting events I ever witnessed yesterday was the Olympic Gold Medal hockey game between Canada and the USA. I admit I’m not much of a hockey fan, but I think I could become one. As Al Michaels later said, “When hockey is played at it’s best, there is no better game.”

However, like basketball, hockey is usually only played at it’s best when the playoffs roll around. When the NHL resumes its games today, the stakes won’t be as high. The emotion won’t be as fervent. And, the games will not be as good. You can never duplicate what we just saw. Canada and the USA playing for the gold on Canadian soil. A crisply played game with the best players in the world. Overtime. And the game winner netted by “The Next One” as he is often called, Sidney Crosby. Ironic that the games started with “The Great One,” Wayne Gretzky lighting the Olympic torch and ended with his heir apparent propelling Canada to a dramatic win in arguably its greatest sports moment in history.

The Olympics began with tragedy. It had it’s mistakes. But overall, it was a terrific two weeks in one of the most gorgeous spots on the planet. Kudos to our friends up north, eh.

Games Over!

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USA Hockey

It’s like 1980 all over again, right?

Well not quite. Nothing will replace the memory of the “Miracle on Ice” in Lake Placid when the USA Men’s Hockey team beat the Soviet Union. However, this is pretty cool in Vancouver, too.

It’s the rematch – USA vs. Canada on the Canadians home soil. It’s the final day of the Olympics. North America is guaranteed Gold and Silver. It doesn’t get better than this to end the games.

I admit I’m not a hockey aficionado, only because we don’t have a pro team here in Seattle. I have been to games and enjoy them and my nephews are avid youth players and I get some from them, too.  This Sunday, I will be glued to the tube pulling for the USA to bring home gold again. However, whichever way it goes, North America can be proud to hold the top two spots in a sport where the Eastern Europeans have dominated for so long.

Extra Points: For you auto racing fans, I have an upcoming blog post on a terrific presentation I heard from a Kitsap County racing legend. I just need more time to write it. Look for it coming to a blog post near you!

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Bremerton’s Bree Schaaf finishes 5th in Bobsled

It was exciting to watch Bremerton’s Bree Schaaf, the 29-year old Olympic High grad, compete well in the Olympics last night. She and her partner Shauna Rohbock did themselves proud. I understand there is no medal for fifth place. But in my short time watching this competition, I find that it is incredibly competitive and the entire USA contingent represented the red, white, and blue well.  Schaaf’s teammates, Erin Pac, took the bronze.

Scary moment again on that track, however. Germany’s top team and perhaps the best pilot in the world for the women, lost control and crashed. The brakeman went flying out of the sled and careened down the track for what seemed an eternity. The pilot eventually emerged wobbly, but unscathed.

This track has been an disaster. The tragedy in the luge before the games officially began started it. I read articles an article in the NY Times that states that Canadian officials had been warned about the danger of the track and been asked to fix it. I certainly understand there is inherent danger in this sport. However, it seems clear that this Olympics has had more unrest, crashes, and tragedy than any other. Let’s hope we get out of the games this week without further incident.

To end on a good note – another hearty congratulations for a local girl “done good.” Way to go, Bree!

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Monday Morning QB

1 – Congratulations to Apolo Ohno and Bode Miller for achievements over the weekend.  The medals aren’t all gold and I’m encouraged that consistent success is being honored. When Michael Phelps swam on the Summer games, you got the feeling that anything less than gold was not acceptable.  “Atta Boys” to these two athletes.

2 – The Men’s US Hockey team beat Canada over the weekend, too.  Canada was set to win the gold at home (and still may) but the Americans just made it tougher.  Not quite the “miracle,”but not far off. This Canadian team is stacked and a prohibitive favorite. The Americans are considered a medal hopeful. Big win for the USA.

3 – Anyone else getting spring fever? Pitchers and catchers have been underway for a week.  Baseball is in the air!

4 – A huge win for the Huskies hoops team over UCLA. They clobbered them on national television.  They probably still need to win the Pac-10 tournament, but a strong finish and two wins in the tournament could have them on the bubble and in the conversation.

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Odds and Ends

1 – Kevin Durant scored 25 points last night against Dallas. That is 25 straight games that he has poured in at least 25 points. That ranks third all time behind Michael Jordan (40) and Allen Iverson.  Am I the only one with that sick feeling in my stomach realizing that he was part of the Sonics just 2 years ago? That could be us? Can you imagine how he would own this city if it were happening here?

2 – Pitchers and catchers report in baseball.  That also signals the start of Fantasy Baseball.  Baseball is the perfect game for fantasy sports. It’s all about stats and time.  If you’ve ever thought you might like to try your hand at fantasy baseball, contact me on this blog and I will send you information about my league. I’m looking for a few good owners and would invite my readers to jump in.

3 – Didn’t watch any Olympics last night. Not sure why, except the family wanted to get caught up on our NCIS watching.  The Olympics are a nice respite from other sports, but over the course of 2 weeks, you need an occasional break in the action.

4 – There is increasing noise about the NFL Draft in two months and the Seahawks have been very quiet.  This, of course, intrigues me even more.  There is also increased talk about bringing disgruntled Denver WR Brandon Marshall over in a trade. If it doesn’t cost us one of our first rounders, I’m willing to make that deal.  First rounders are a premium, so to me they are untouchable.  Package a second rounder with other options and I’m game.

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Monday Morning QB

1 – I witnessed one of the most poignant and wonderful moments in sports last night in the Olympics. Canadian men’s mogul athlete Alexandre Bilodeau “outmoguled” the reigning gold medal champ to secure the first ever Gold medal on home soil for the Canadians.  To add to the moment, the victory was dedicated to Bilodeau’s biggest fan and inspiration, his older brother Franklin who has cerebral palsy.  Franklin is confined to a wheelchair and has nowhere near the athletic prowess of his brother. However, the scene from last night would have melted every heart and certainly the snow in Whistler. Great moment. Tonight is the medal ceremony…don’t miss it.

2 -Anybody watch the NBA All-Star game? How about the NBA all-star weekend? Nope, me neither. I love the sport, but the all-star festivities are boring.

3 – Pitchers and catchers are now reporting to most teams. I can’t recall a spring training for the Mariners I’ve looked forward to more in recent years.

4 – High school basketball is charging into playoff season next week.  If your local school is in it, try to catch the games. High school playoff basketball beats an NBA All-Star weekend any time in my book.

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Olympics Thoughts…

A few perceptions after 24 hours…

  1. The tragedy at the luge is palpable.  The death of the 21-year old Georgian luger the day of the Opening Ceremonies cast a huge pall on the entire event.  My first thought was, “I have a daughter that age!”  My heart goes out to his parents, his family, his friends/teammates, and his coaches.  As a parent and a former coach, I feel for them so much.
  2. I get the media.  I understand the death is news. I understand that news sells.  I understand the responsibility to report. I don’t get that we have to see it. I appreciate that the NBC reporter announced it prior to showing, but I’m certain people tuned in without knowing it.  It’s one thing to see vilience and death on television where it’s not real; it’s another to see a human being die in front of your eyes.  I think a great decorum and sensitivity was called for.
  3. I liked the opening ceremonies. Yes, it wasn’t perfect, but it never is. I thought the singing was outstanding, the visual effects incredible, and the atmosphere electric. I also think the death of the Georgian luger was handled appropriately in every way.
  4. My Olympic memories revolve around the incomparable Jim McKay.  I hope Al Michaels gets that role more than Bob Costas. Costas is okay, but Michaels is exceptional.

Your initial thoughts?

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