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Head Injuries and Concussions

Head injuries and concussions have caught the national spotlight. The NFL, NCAA, and NHL have been proactively and aggressively taking steps to prevent head injuries and maybe most importantly, to make sure athletes don’t go back too soon. This is not only a major topic and challenge in professional and college sports, but in high schools, too.

The reality is that school districts don’t have the money to commit to sweeping changes. It’s very sad as it turns out our most vulnerable are at most risk. At North Kitsap School District, the bar has been raised by Chris Franklin. Franklin has been the head athletic trainer at North Kitsap HS for 17 years. He is the guru of making sure kids at North Kitsap stay safe. The work he and his team have done with baseline testing and prevention has drawn local and national attention. Recently, several schools have come to visit North Kitsap to see what they are doing, so they can make similar strides in their schools. And, just recently, a national web site has published a story on what North Kitsap has been doing in this arena.

Read the story here

Full disclosure: I am a North Kitsap School Board Director and I am proud of Chris and his team. I’m proud that our board has continued to fund this program at the level it has for the benefit of our athletes. I’ve watched Chris and his colleagues for 8 years as a coach. I know the work they do not only with head injuries, but all injuries. Great job!

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Kingston High Football Improving

I know I’m a little late this week….the “almost” Daily Dan…

I went to the Kingston-Port Angeles football tilt last Friday. It was my first trek to Buccaneer Field. The field is very nice, the lights are terrific, and the poor stadium announcer needs a new home so he won’t get wet when it rains!

The Kingston football program has struggled for wins since its inception in 2007. This year, I think they have something going on. Coach Dan Novick’s squad lost to PA 14-9, however it was one of those games that they would have won without a few mistakes.

Port Angeles scored its first touchdown after a special teams breakdown on a Kingston punt that gave the Roughriders the ball inside the Buccaneer 20 yard line. The second touchdown came on the next Buccaneer possession when Sam Byers was intercepted and the return was for a TD. That’s it. The Kingston defense was tremendous and PA never sniffed the end zone again. Unfortunately, neither did Kingston as a late game drive was snuffed out again by an interception that went off a receiver’s hands.

Here’s my take on Kingston:

– They play aggressive, physical defense. That will win games.

– I really like their QB, Sam Byers. He has a strong arm, is only a junior, and moves well for a guy 6’4. His receivers drop way too many passes, and if that changes, watch out.

– They have a strong running game behind Lou Hecker. He is a tough runner with deceptive speed.

I like how the team has come around. It’s been a long time coming but the patience is paying off. The Bucs are 2-2 and I see more wins in their future.

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