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Seahawks Prediction

12th Man


Call me crazy. Call me a “homer.” Call me whatever you want. I have a funny feeling about this one.

Just like in the Holiday Bowl with the Washington Huskies, Pete Carroll and his boys are playing with house money. I feel a little 12th Man magic. It’s Buster Douglas over Mike Tyson; the New York Giants over the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl; it’s Washington over Nebraska…

It’s the Seahawks 24-23 over the Saints with an Olindo Mare FG at the end….

You heard it here first.

Watch for my Tweets during the game.

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Hawks Showed Up…Next the Saints

I asked for it and I got it.

The 12th Man indeed showed up and so did the Seahawks defense. That was the loudest stadium I’ve ever been in and definitely had playoff atmosphere. The Hawks fed off it and it turned into another NFC West banner in Qwest Field.

A few comments from last night:

  • I couldn’t believe arguing with people on the ferry ride home about Charlie Whitehurst’s performance. The dude was on the winning side of the game, for goodness sakes! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’s our next franchise QB. However, he played a decent game (in fact his stats were better than Sam Bradford’s). His mobility saved easily 5 sacks and actually picked up positive yardage. Charlie’s job was to not lose the game and that’s exactly what he did. He’s a capable backup, a young guy who’s learning, and played a solid game. ESPN’s Trent Dilfer (a guy who won a Super Bowl as a “solid” QB) said as much after the game. Cut the guy some slack. He played a game good enough in the biggest game of the year.
  • The defense was crazy. I know it wasn’t the New England Patriots, but Sam Bradford has had an excellent rookie year, and Steven Jackson is a stud. To hold the Rams to 2 field goals was unbelievable. I loved how Aaron Curry, Chris Clemons, David Hawthorne, Lofa Tatupu, and Marcus Trufant played. Will Herring played a great game. This was a total team effort and a sight for sore eyes.
  • Pete Carroll is the right guy for this city. He brings a great energy that really gets the 12th Man going. I think good things are on the horizon.
  • I expect that Matt Hasselbeck will start if he’s healthy. He’s the veteran; he’s got playoff experience; he played a good game against the Saints last month; and he’s the right guy. However, if he can’t go or plays poorly, I have less issues with Charlie Whitehurst than I did 2 weeks ago!
  • Marshawn Lynch bounced back after being stripped of the ball and ran in “beast-mode” the rest of the way. He could not be stopped in the 4th Quarter when the Rams knew we were running.
  • I don’t care what our record is. The Mariners won 116 games in 2001 and didn’t win the American League to go to the World Series. This is about getting to the playoffs by winning your division.
  • I just LOVE that the Giants, who humiliated us at home earlier this year, aren’t even in the playoffs. That’s really cool.

This was a huge win for this franchise. Just like the University of Washington needed a bowl game and the rest was gravy; the Hawks needed to get to the playoffs and the rest is gravy. Two years ago, the Huskies were 0-12 and the Seahawks were 4-12. Now, the Dawgs have upset Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl and the Hawks are NFC West Champs. Unreal.

Open Letter to NFL Players – Put Your Fingers Down!

Dear NFL Players,

Put your fingers down!

Okay. You’ve made your opening statement to the world. In front of a huge, national television audience, the Saints and the Vikings gave a”touching” gesture pointing their #1 finger in the air to proclaim their “oneness” as a players union in the face of a collective bargaining negotiation that could end in a lockout of the 2012 season. Good for you. Now put your fingers back where they belong and just play football.

In the face of one of the worst (if not the worst) recessions in American history; where jobs have been lost; companies have gone under; unrest and anxiety reign; and uncertainty still exists; 1500 of the richest individuals on the planet want to make a statement about their job. Ugh!

I understand that at one time, a union may have been needed. Today, that is over. The NFL makes kabillions of dollars for itself and its players. In fact, this is a players league! When Sam Bradford can make the coin he does when he hasn’t even played a down, there’s no doubt that the pendulum has swung from the 1950’s. There is no need for a union when the large majority of its members of that association are millionaires.

When teachers unions go on strike, are you out there with your brothers and sisters holding picket signs? I don’t think so. When the airlines workers went on strike, were you out there in force to support them, or did it just mess up your travel plans?

Listen – you are all supposedly college graduates (or at least had it paid for unlike most of your union pals). Get smart. This is not the time to demand more money, more benefits, or a sweeter deal. I saw a piece on ESPN where Osi Umenyiora of the New York Giants said something to the effect that the players don’t want to upset the fans, but they have to do what they have to do; it’s a business. Well, Osi take a gander at your brethren in the NBA, NHL, and MLB. They all have had recent player strikes or lockouts (baseball was over a decade ago) and they have never fully recovered. Those were all in GOOD economic times!

NFL players – you’ve got it made. You are America’s new pastime, but don’t take that for granted. The fans that love you and your teams are hard working folks who don’t live in the same world you do. Even those in unions see through your call for “solidarity.” We understand it’s a business, however it’s a corporate one. You all individually are your own corporate entities. Fight for your own contracts as you must. That’s business. But do the right thing and use your players association for good, not evil.

I may only be one fan’s voice. But, my guess is that there is more solidarity with my voice among my “peeps” than there is among yours.

Last piece of advice. Put down your fingers before the fans stick a different one up at you.

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Monday Morning QB

1 – Congratulations to former Washington  Husky Mark Brunell for getting a Super Bowl ring at 40 years old. After nearly 20 years in the NFL with Jacksonville and Washington, he finally gets a championship. Way to go Dawg!

2 – The Saints won because they were more aggressive and courageous.  Going for the TD on 4th down in the 2nd quarter ended up not hurting them as they still got 3 points.  The onside kick to start the 2nd half was a game-changer when they rolled in for a TD.  Blitzing Peyton Manning (gasp) on third down up by 7 points late in the game caused a poor pass that was picked and taken to the house for the game clincher.  Just like life, being aggressive and playing to your strengths brings success.

3 – Speaking of Dawgs – the Husky hoops team held serve big time over the weekend at home against the Arizona schools.  In fact, they pummeled Arizona State.  They are in a huge pack in 2nd place in a very weak Pac-10.  They still have a shot at winning the conference, but they need to take their home-court play on the road.  Time for Quincy Poindexter to do his own Jon Brockman impersonation and put the Dawgs on his back.

4 – Anybody realize that golf season is in full swing.  Even me, an avid golfer who loves to watch golf on TV, haven’t followed it much without Tiger Woods.  The biggest pieces of news have been on the course with Scott McCarron accusing Phil Mickelson of cheating and John Daly losing weight, his game, and then quitting. Yawn.  Tiger better hurry back.

5 – One last Super Bowl note – to all those fans of teams who didn’t make the Super Bowl this year – don’t expect the Saints and the Colts back in the big game in 2011.  One of the “curses” of this game is that the two Super Bowl teams rarely get back the next year.  The Patriots did it on 2005 and 2005.    Before that you have to go back to 1998 and 1999 with the Denver Broncos.

BONUS – Was it just me or were The Who terrible.  I love this band, but they either sounded terrible or the sound was bad.  Roger Daltrey looked like he was 80 years old, but that just me…

BONUS II – The commercials were pretty good this year, not outstanding.  My favorite – Dorito’s Dog Revenge

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Why the Saints Will Win Today

The omens are bad…

1 – The Colts last Super Bowl win three years ago was also in Miami

2 – CBS broadcast that game with Jim Nantz and Phil Simms…just like this year

3 – The dude who announced that long-time Saints Pro Bowl linebacker Rickey Jackson made the Hall of Fame, called him “Randy Jackson” (too much American Idol for the man)

That’s EXACTLY why the Saints will win. Peyton Manning may be the best QB of all-time (in my nearly 40 years of watching the NFL, he is), but he won’t beat Who Dat nation today.  Why?

Something unexepected seems to happen in Super Bowls. especially over the last decade:

– Eli Manning and the Giants had no chance to beat the undefeated New England Patriots. They did.

– The Patriots ( a decade earlier) had no chance of slowing down the “Greatest Show on Turf) – the St. Louis Rams and Kurt Warner.  They did.

– The Baltimore Ravens could not beat the heavily-favored New York Giants with Trent Dilfer at QB.  They did.

Today, the 40+ year ordeal of the Saints ends with a victory that will result in a never-ending party on Bourbon Street.  I’m changing my pick from earlier in the week.  The QB from Indiana, Drew Brees (Purdue) will out-duel the QB from New Orleans, Peyton Manning (grew up and played high school in New Orleans) in cold Miami.

Final score – New Orleans 34 – Colts 31

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Who Dat? The NFL Messing Things Up Again, Dat’s Who!

Who Dat?  The National Football League says, “WE DAT!”

There is an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal’s weekend edition on the famous battle cry of New Orleans’ faithful for their football team.  “Who dat” has endured the test of time, which includes substantially more losses than wins for the Saints.  It’s a cultural colloquialism that nobody outside the Gulf Coast cared about.

Until now.

The NFL, in it’s infinite wisdom, has sent out cease and desist orders to all New Orleans vendors who were printing “Who Dat” shirts 24/7 in the wake of the team’s first Super Bowl appearance.  The NFL says they own the phrase.  Really?  I didn’t think you could own a common phrase that has been used since at least the early 1970’s and started with a high school football team in New Orleans.  But wait.  There’s money to be gained and licensing to be had.  So in jumps NFL commissioner and phrase baron Roger Goodell to dispose of all those pesky entrepreneurs trying to horn in on their town’s success.  If anyone is going to make money on the Saints, it’s the National Football League!  The NFL says the Saints own it…which means revenue for the league.

This reeks of Creole’ Jambalaya gone bad.

The NFL never cared about the name before. Just like they never cared about Seattle’s “12th Man” until we started making waves as a franchise.  In a time where New Orleans should be reveling in the glory of their first Super Bowl in 41 years, the NFL is committing unsportsmanlike conduct. Heck, this even draws bipartisan support from the two congressional delegates in Louisiana who have thrown the red flag at the NFL and called on Goodell to reverse the call.  I wouldn’t hold my breath.

The NFL needs to realize that they are a business of the people.  This type of fatuous behavior always ends up making them look bad in the eyes of those who are in effect their clientele.  They still hold on to the belief that they are powerful enough to withstand anything from player strikes to Pro Bowl fiascos, and they may be right.  In the meantime, they come off looking foolish.

Who dat think they gonna beat those Saints?

The National Football League attorneys, dat’s who!

Read the Wall Street Journal article

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Monday Morning QB

1 – The Vikings are the better team than the Saints. To go into OT on the road after fumbling, bumbling, and throwing the ball away is incredible.  The defense was stellar in the second half against a great offensive team.  The reality is you can’t beat anyone with turnovers and mistakes.  My guess is the Vikings would have given the Colts a better game in the Super Bowl, but they couldn’t take care of business in the NFC Championship game.

2 – I think Brett Favre is finally done.  Looking at him at the end of the game, he looks it.  I can’t imagine a 41-year old body can endure the pounding and rigors of another NFL season.

3 – Pete Carroll continues to make smart moves on his coaching staff.  It’s sprinkled with diversity from his previous gig at USC and veteran NFL coaches like Alex Gibbs, Jerry Gray, and Sherman Smith. There’s a good mix of youth and “maturity.”  I am actually getting excited for mini-camp.

4 – After sweeping the Bay Area schools last weekend at home, I had high hopes for a Husky hoops resurgence.  The weekend in LA ended hopes of any repeat of last year.  The malaise has even hit the improving women’s program who have now lost 4 straight.  The loss of Jon Brockman as a player and leader has been real.


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Monday Morning QB

1 – Rex Ryan is quite a salesman.  He came out at the beginning of the playoffs and said his New York Jets should be favored through the playoffs.  That drew chuckles and smirks from the pundits, realizing Ryan was trying to inspire confidence in his players.  It worked.  The Jets are playing spectacularly winning two road games with a rookie quarterback, the last being against the hottest team in the league who had just won 11 straight games.  They may not get past the Colts, but if you ask Rex Ryan, an Indy win would be an upset.

2 – I love the Minnesota – New Orleans match-up this weekend for the NFC Championship.  New Orleans has never gone the the Super Bowl and the Vikings haven’t been since they were led by Fran Tarkenton and the Purple People Eaters.  Both teams stomped their worthy opponents and are riding in high.  I think this is a tight game and just feel the home-field will give the Saints the edge.  My early line is New Orleans 31 – Minnesota 28.

3 – The Dawgs bark back.  After a woeful stretch of games, the Husky men’s hoops team climbed right back into the race by blistering the Bay Area schools.  Stanford may not be a huge threat, but Cal is the odds on favorite to win the conference.  Neither game was close.  Perhaps the silver lining of those three straight losses will be an inspired Husky team that carries this momentum through the rest of the season.

4 – Pete Carroll is making wise choices.  Yes, he’s brought in a few of his assistants from USC. However, his offensive coordinator, Jeremy Bates has NFL experience with Mike Shanahan.  His new line coach, Alex Gibbs, is highly respected in the NFL and was just pried away from Houston.  And now it sounds like they are talking to former Redskins defensive backs coach, Jerry Gray.  He was the coach given the “interview” to satisfy the Rooney Rule by Washington prior to hiring Shanahan.  Bringing in savvy and seasoned coaches will make the transition that much quicker and smoother.