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Thank You Scott Woodward…

All of Husky Nation today should be thanking Scott Woodward.  The University of Washington Athletic Director only a year ago made a semi-unpopular choice of hiring USC offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian as head coach to replace Tyrone Willingham.  Most of the Nation (Husky that is) wanted Jim Mora to get out of his agreement with the Seahawks and coach his alma mater.  Woodward didn’t bite at that option.  The next “sexy” target was Mike Leach from Texas Tech.  Leach turned Tech into a national power and seemed like the high-profile, spread offense slinging, no-nonsense coach the Huskies needed.  Leach and his wife even flew up to Seattle, leaving fans and media speculating of an imminent announcement.  Leach ended up going back to Lubbock without a deal and people scratching their heads. Enter Sark and well…you know the rest of the story.

Jim Mora has had a nightmare season with the Hawks. They are 5-10 and getting worse each week. Seahawks Nation has him on a very short leash.  This isn’t to say he would not ne a fine coach at the college level, but he seems to be a pro guy and right now he still needs to prove he’s even that.

Mike Leach is another issue.  Leach seemed like the “splash” move.  When it didn’t happen, Texas Tech extended his contract. This week, they are regretting it.  Leach was just suspended from coaching his team in the Alamo Bowl. Seems he made a player who was suffering from a concussion stand in a dark room by himself, unable to sit or lean, for 3 hours. Head injury safety has been big news lately and this treatment is idiotic.  Add to it the player involved is the son of former NFL player and current ESPN college football analyst, Craig James, and it borders on lunacy.  Read the entire story on ESPN.

Bottom line – AD Woodward, thank you for doing your due diligence, removing yourself from the outcry of the fans, and giving Husky Nation the coach this school and community deserves!


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