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Hawks Showed Up…Next the Saints

I asked for it and I got it.

The 12th Man indeed showed up and so did the Seahawks defense. That was the loudest stadium I’ve ever been in and definitely had playoff atmosphere. The Hawks fed off it and it turned into another NFC West banner in Qwest Field.

A few comments from last night:

  • I couldn’t believe arguing with people on the ferry ride home about Charlie Whitehurst’s performance. The dude was on the winning side of the game, for goodness sakes! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’s our next franchise QB. However, he played a decent game (in fact his stats were better than Sam Bradford’s). His mobility saved easily 5 sacks and actually picked up positive yardage. Charlie’s job was to not lose the game and that’s exactly what he did. He’s a capable backup, a young guy who’s learning, and played a solid game. ESPN’s Trent Dilfer (a guy who won a Super Bowl as a “solid” QB) said as much after the game. Cut the guy some slack. He played a game good enough in the biggest game of the year.
  • The defense was crazy. I know it wasn’t the New England Patriots, but Sam Bradford has had an excellent rookie year, and Steven Jackson is a stud. To hold the Rams to 2 field goals was unbelievable. I loved how Aaron Curry, Chris Clemons, David Hawthorne, Lofa Tatupu, and Marcus Trufant played. Will Herring played a great game. This was a total team effort and a sight for sore eyes.
  • Pete Carroll is the right guy for this city. He brings a great energy that really gets the 12th Man going. I think good things are on the horizon.
  • I expect that Matt Hasselbeck will start if he’s healthy. He’s the veteran; he’s got playoff experience; he played a good game against the Saints last month; and he’s the right guy. However, if he can’t go or plays poorly, I have less issues with Charlie Whitehurst than I did 2 weeks ago!
  • Marshawn Lynch bounced back after being stripped of the ball and ran in “beast-mode” the rest of the way. He could not be stopped in the 4th Quarter when the Rams knew we were running.
  • I don’t care what our record is. The Mariners won 116 games in 2001 and didn’t win the American League to go to the World Series. This is about getting to the playoffs by winning your division.
  • I just LOVE that the Giants, who humiliated us at home earlier this year, aren’t even in the playoffs. That’s really cool.

This was a huge win for this franchise. Just like the University of Washington needed a bowl game and the rest was gravy; the Hawks needed to get to the playoffs and the rest is gravy. Two years ago, the Huskies were 0-12 and the Seahawks were 4-12. Now, the Dawgs have upset Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl and the Hawks are NFC West Champs. Unreal.

Football Notes on Huskies and Hawks

I know…I’ve been negligent on my postings. I’ve had a few challenges to deal with as my father has had health issues and I must focus on him and my work. My apologies. I will attempt to be more consistent…

So here we are. After 8 long years, the Huskies are back in a bowl game. Jake Locker, Mason Foster and the rest of the seniors finally have their moment in the sun, or rain, in San Diego. The three games leading up to this were their season. Those wins put them back into post-season and makes tonight’s game gravy. They’re expected to lose big on the scoreboard, but they’ve cemented a winning season in the perception and hearts of Husky Nation. This was the goal.

I think the game will be closer than 3 months ago. I do expect Nebraska’s talent to win out in the end, but I’m thinking more around a score of 27-17. If the Dawgs keep it within 10 points going into the final quarter, it could be interesting. A win would be of legendary proportions.

I’m a Matt Hasselbeck fan and always will be. Just like I was with Jim Zorn and Dave Kreig. However, just like with those two “ring of famers,” it’s time to move on. Not that Matt can’t still play because he can. He’s a system QB…Mike Holmgren’s system. He’s struggled under Greg Knapp and Jeremy Bates. He needs to find a team with a true West Coast offense (perhaps Cleveland if the big guy fires Eric Mangini and takes the reins himself). Charlie Whitehurst is NOT the answer clearly.

Quarterback is the most important position on the team. All the elite teams have at least “very good” QB’s. So where do the Hawks go? The draft. I’m not advocating Jake Locker necessarily. I don’t think he’s ready to lead an NFL team right out of college. We have no chance of drafting Andrew Luck who can. I’m intrigued by Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett. The dude is 6’7, has a rifle arm, had a tremendous senior season, and is exactly the kind of guy who can run this offense. Problem is he’s a junior and we don’t know if he’s coming out yet. We also don’t know if we’re playing football on Sunday’s yet either as there could be a lockout.

If you can sign Matt to a one-year deal, I’d do it knowing that there must be a replacement soon. Otherwise, go a year with Charlie and see if he can prove me wrong. If Mallett comes out, I’d take him. Regardless, the changing of the guard nears and it will be interesting to see which direction Pete Carroll goes. As his ultimate QB goes, so will he and his tenure here in Seattle.

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A Case for Matt Hasselbeck

Yes, I know #8 is struggling. Badly. His games are beginning to look a lot like the debacle last year. I know it’s very popular for people to be shouting for Charlie Whitehurst. I almost got into that myself. However, a good night’s sleep and some perspective leads me to to this case for keeping Matt Hasselbeck as the Seahawks starter for the rest of the year, barring injury. Here it goes…

  1. We are still in a playoff race. As bad as we’ve played, we are still tied for first place in the NFC West and have a shot at a division title. If this was a lost season, I’d say give Whitehurst the opportunity. With a playoff spot up for grabs, I’d prefer to go with a guy whose taken his team to 4 straight division titles and a Super Bowl.
  2. Yes, Matt’s got culpability for our losses, however he also needs props for the wins. He’s played well in those victories and I believe deserves the chance to finish the deal.
  3. Charlie Whitehurst played well yesterday in a mop-up role. His only start, he was terrible. He creates too much of an unknown. Throwing him into a road game at this stage is a bad move.
  4. Pete Carroll must show consistency and stick with the leader of the team. Next year may be a different deal, but it’s not the right time to make a switch for morale.

My guess is that you will hear Pete Carroll announce that Matt Hasselbeck will remain the Hawks QB. You will hear an outcry of angst from the Seahawks faithful. However, it’s the right decision based on the timing and out precarious position atop the NFC West.

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Thoughts on Huskies and Seahawks

Thoughts on this past weekend on Huskies and Seahawks…

1. The Apple Cup win saved the season for the Huskies. Now, there is a definite step forward from last year. Had they lost, they would have had the same record, the same “no bowl game,” and would have wasted Jake Locker’s senior season.

2. Jake Locker’s legacy is cemented. Without a bowl game, Locker would have been thought of as simply a great talent in a tough time. Now, he’s the guy who brought the program back from the darkness to a bowl game.

3. No matter what happens now against Nebraska, the Dawgs season is made. They can play footloose and fancy-free and I believe will be more competitive. If they pull off a miracle win, the season will go down as one of the greatest ever based on where they were 4 weeks ago and where they’ve been the last 8 years.

4. Chris Polk is “beast-mode.”

5. I’m glad they kept Tyrone Willingham that extra year. Made it possible to hire Steve Sarkisian. All things for a reason.

6. I don’t know what Pete Carroll said at halftime against Carolina, but he needs to bottle it.

7. A win against San Francisco on the road makes the only “must-win” game the rest of the way against St. Louis.

8. Matt Hasselbeck must be re-signed. To continue to move forward next year, you must have a quarterback. Ask Arizona.

9. Pete Carroll was the right hire. Last year’s team would have lost by double digits in the same scenario.

10. I love meaningful football games in December!

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Seahawks Take Lead in NFC West

Well, at least you can definitely say these aren’t your 2008 and 2009 Seahawks.

A week after being humiliated at home by the New York Giants, the Hawks traveled to Phoenix and essentially knocked the Cardinals out of the NFC West race. Matt Hasselbeck threw for 333 yards and the offense went for over 500. I can’t remember the last time we saw that type of output on the road. And, I hope you’re sitting down, the Hawks have 2 road wins and we’re only halfway through the year!

Arizona is three games behind the Hawks with only seven to play thanks to to the season sweep by the good guys. Basically, if the Seahawks win three winnable home games against Kansas City, Carolina, and St. Louis, the Cardinals would have to go 6-1 to beat them. They won’t do that with either Derek Anderson or Max Hall. Game over for them. San Francisco knocked off the Rams in overtime giving Seattle sole possession of first place, and keeping there hopes alive. If Seattle can win in SF, they would basically eliminate the 49’ers.

A few thoughts following the game:

  1. Pete Carroll is a difference maker as a coach. I like Jim Mora, but there’s no doubt Pete has his stamp on this organization and it’s a better fit. He almost wills “positiveness” and the results show through on the field. Even after two lopsided losses back to back, they were able to come up with an impressive road win when the Cardinals had to win.
  2. Matt Hasselbeck is the QB. Period. If what we saw last week from Charlie Whitehurst didn’t show you enough, today’s game did. I like Charlie and he’s probably going to make a capable back up in this league. But, he’s not even there yet. If Hasselbeck loses time due to his wrist injury, we’ve got major problems. I think I’d prefer to give the ball to J.P. Losman.
  3. The defense is good enough to win the division. They certainly aren’t dominant, but they are good and consistent. Remember that they kept us in the Raiders game until late in the 3rd quarter. If the offense can be even slightly efficient, they can be really good.
  4. We need to get better at scoring touchdowns. I would prefer to see a two-back set on the goal line. I think we really miss fullback Michael Robinson. We need to get a big person (even a lineman) who can lead block for Marshawn Lynch.

This was a big game for the Hawks. If the goal is to win the NFC West (which of course it is), then this win makes next week way less important. Depending on #8’s injury, I would consider starting another QB (I’m pulling for Losman) on the road against the Saints and make sure Matt is healthy for back to back home games against Kansas City and Carolina. If we keep winning at home, I believe that will win the division.

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Verdict on Whitehurst? Too Early…

So what can we take away from Charlie Whitehurst’s first professional start against the New York football Giants?

  1. You can’t make a complete judgment after one start. Really. Whitehurst was up against perhaps the best defense in the NFL and his O-line was beat up. We need a bigger data range to be fair.
  2. That being said, he missed way too many easy passes. He’s not a rookie. He’s played behind Philip Rivers for 5 years. He had to have taken something away.
  3. He’s got a live arm. The pass to Ben Obamanu was pretty. He definitely can let it fly. But so could Dan McGwire!
  4. There is no QB controversy . The Seahawks best chance to win is still with #8. It probably stays that way for 2011, too.
  5. Whitehurst looks like an NFL QB. But, I get the feeling he looks like a decent lifetime backup. I know I said it’s too early, but I’d feel more hope if he was 23 years old rather than 28.

I think the Hawks may need to take a hard look in the draft. The kid from Arkansas, Ryan Mallet is intriguing. Sign Hasselbeck for next year, pick up a young gun, and keep Whitehurst in for competition and a backup. Let’s face it, if Charlie Whitehurst was going to be a legit starting QB in this league, he would be doing it by now.

Just saying…

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Positive Takeaways from a Bad Weekend

I know there are more onions than orchids to throw around this weekend, but here are a few of the bright spots…

  • We can relax about worrying about Jake Locker’s run for the Heisman Trophy. It ain’t gonna happen. It’s unlikely he will play another team the caliber of Nebraska and this game will dog him for the year when it comes to the Heisman. Maybe he can just relax and play.
  • Pac-10 play starts next week and we are undefeated…
  • Golden Tate is a home run hitter for the Hawks. We need to get the ball in his hands early and often.
  • In fact, our receivers played well in Denver. Nate Burleson had one catch for 4 yards and Housh was shut out for the Ravens. I will take Deion Butler, Deion Branch, Golden Tate, Ben Obamanu (TD  reception) and Mike Williams over them at this point.
  • The Hawks at least fought until the end. Last year, they wilted. This year, they just didn’t execute well. If you turn the ball over on the road against a team that hasn’t lost a home opener in over 10 years, you will lose the game.
  • Matt Hasselbeck is still healthy after two games (last year injured in Game 2).
  • The win against the 49ers made this game not as important as it was for Denver. Being 0-1 and facing a brutal schedule the next 4 weeks, this was a “must-win” for them. The Seahawks have a tough opponent at home next week (a game they can win), and ext “must-win” for them comes at St. Louis in 2 weeks.

Follow me on Twitter on Sundays for my opinions and commentary during the Seahawks games…

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Monday Morning QB

Heroes from the Weekend…

Coach Pete Carroll – OK…I’m IN big time. I read your book, Win Forever and was impressed. Now I’m even more impressed. I know there will be poor games and challenging times. However, this team did not quit like it has the past two years. That’s in part due to your leadership. Welcome back to the NFL.

Matt Hasselbeck – I keep telling people if we surround you with talent at WR and RB, and give you time to throw, you’re still an upper-level QB in this league. Who knew you could still run? Tremendous leadership and the same passion that has made you the best QB in franchise history.

Jordan Babineaux – After the ignominy of being cut and re-signed for less money, you come back and make a pick and several special teams tackles. Seemed like you were all over the field. Welcome back to the team.

Seahawks O and D Lines – Kudos. Both were glaring weaknesses last year. At least in this game, you kept #8 on his feet, held Frank Gore to 38 yards, and pestered Alex Smith all game long. If you can keep this play up all year, we will be looking at more wins than we thought!

I missed the Huskies game…I had a charitable event to attend. Here are my two heroes from reports…

Jake Locker – Nice bounce back game, dude. You showed why you are a pre-season Heisman- watch guy.

Jermaine Kearse – You’re showing that last year was no fluke. You may be the best WR in the Pac-10 and before you’re done the nation may be watching. Tremendous effort!

I hope every Monday will have these rave reviews. I’m not naive…I know there will be losses. I just hope there are more goods than bads as we continue the Monday Morning QB!

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The Case For Tim Tebow and the Seahawks

“And with their pick in the second round, the Seattle Seahawks select…Tim Tebow from the University of Florida…”

Now, THAT’S what I’d love to hear next April. I know all the pundits say Tebow’s not a pro-style QB; he has a slow release; and there’s doubt he can be an effective starter in this league.  Now, this pundit will tell you why he’s perfect for the Hawks.

  1. He’s a winner.  We need more of those. Two national championships in four years with a whole lot of wins.
  2. He’s a leader. We need more of those, too.
  3. No pressure to be a savior. Matt Hasselbeck can still play and he would learn from the all-time best QB in Seahawks history and a former Super Bowl QB. See Aaron Rodgers, Matt Hasselbeck, and Tom Brady for examples of guys who sat for a couple of years before bursting on the scene.
  4. The Wildcat Option. No disrespect to Seneca Wallace, but I’d much rather have a “Tebow Package” than a “Seneca Package.” If Jim Mora wants to run that option which is in vogue, I can’t think of another guy I’d rather have run it, except for maybe Pat White in Miami.
  5. Not gambling with a 1st Round pick. Tebow’s not going in the first round.  We can’t afford to miss there.  2nd and 3rd round picks offer more flexibility.
  6. Potential. If he never materializes into a starting NFL QB, so be it. He’s a guy who makes any team better with intangibles and athleticism. But, if there’s even a chance he can transfer his abilities eventually to the pros, he could be the steal of the draft and a great leader.

Here’s your chance to agree or disagree. Based off last night’s performance, I think it might be difficult to disagree, but you have your shot anyway.  Please comment on this blog and let the debate begin.  BTW – I appreciate all the comments I get on Facebook, but if you wouldn’t mind commenting on the blog, then more people will be able to be engaged and debating.

Tim Tebow in Seattle.  It has the right ring to it!


Wide Receivers Showing Passion on the Air

I was fortunate to catch the entire Nate Burleson show on KJR Sportsradio yesterday when Deion Branch, T.J. Houshmandzadeh,and Burleson went off on Hugh Millen and his criticism of the team.  At least they have passion.

Here it here.

It certainly was intriguing radio. Heck, I stayed in my car sitting in the post office parking lot to keep hearing the heated debate.  However, when it’s all said and done, it made the three amigos look a little foolish at times.  A few cases in point…

1 – Housh saying that Hugh Millen has no idea what he’s talking about citing his interception to TD ratio. Really? Dude, the guy played in the NFL for 9 years. That’s credibility enough. Anyone who laces them up on Sundays for any length of time has earned the credibility regardless of how they performed.  Jim Mora and Greg Knapp weren’t NFL standouts, yet they currently stand as head coach and offensive coordinator of an NFL team.

2 – Deion Branch saying that “you are either with us or against us.” Really, Deion? Most of the fans here have been “with” the team longer than you, and will be here longer than you. I personally remember 1976 and guys like Nick Bebout, Mike Curtis, and Ken Geddes. Just because we aren’t throwing love out to a team that has taken the gas pipe bad the last three weeks doesn’t mean we don’t support the team. Just because we love the Hawks doesn’t mean we think you all should be back next year.

3 – In the end, as much as you talk about not calling out your team, you threw Greg Knapp under the bus.  I know you didn’t do it in exactly those words, but the message was clear.

4 – Millen is an analyst for KJR and the local FOX station. He’s paid to be critical. Steve Raible and Warren Moon (both former Hawks) are employed by the team. Don’t expect them to treat you poorly.  If you want accolades, play better.

Bottom line – I actually like all three receivers. I think they and Matt Hasselbeck are misused in this offense. I’d love to see Jim Zorn as the OC next year and go back to a West Coast-style offense that fits the needs of the talents on this team. I’d also like to see the same passion displayed by Burleson, Housh, and DB from all 53 guys this Sunday. I will be in the stands watching!

What do you think?  I would love to have your comments on the blog…