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Mariners Hoping Jesus Can Be a Prince

Make no mistake, I wanted Prince Fielder in a Seattle Mariners uniform.

Justin Smoak

That being said, I’m okay with Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik not opting for the big dough that snagged Fielder for the Detroit Tigers. I guess as a lifelong M’s fan, I’ve seen Kevin Mitchell not hit HRs in the Kingome, and Richie Sexton and Adrian Beltre never come close to the power numbers they displayed with other teams. Now Fielder may be different, but the reality is that I think it’s too high a price-tag. Fielder may have several good years in front of him, but a 9-year commitment and still needing to sign your own guys like Felix Hernandez in a few years leads to an awful lot of issues. I’m tired of hearing people say the M’s didn’t try to get him. They have no idea that’s true. It’s not like they can run to the store and pick him up! Outside of money, why would he want to be here? The Mariners are at least a couple of years away from contending again; they are young; the ball park is huge and hitting HR’s isn’t easy; the cold makes it worse for the first 3 months… You get the picture. In Detroit, they are already contending and they have a hitter friendly park. He may be there ticket over the top now.

I like Jesus Montero and I’ve never seen him play. The guys who know a lot more about baseball rave about him. Who cares if he isn’t that much of a defensive catcher. We haven’t had stellar backstop work since Dan Wilson hung up the spikes. The kid is 22 years old. As long as he can keep the ball in front of him, throw the ball back to the pitcher, and keep runners halfway honest, I can live with it as long as it comes with .330, 30 HR’s, and 120 RBIs! If Montero can be anywhere near the lofty status people project for him, comparing him to mashers like Frank Thomas and Miguel Cabrera, then the M’s may have their own “prince” locked up for the next 6 years. Time will tell.

At this point, I actually find myself excited to watch Montero, Justin Smoak, Mike Carp and Dustin Ackley for a full season. Spring always brings hope eternal, right? It just might need to be hope in 2013 or 2014. I’d settle for a anything better than a lousy .233 batting average and .292 on base percentage. THAT  would at least keep me watching more games. And, it would lead to more wins – something the Mariners organization, Jack Zduriencik, and Manager Eric Wedge desperately need!

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Monday Morning QB – Odds and Ends

1 – Cliff Lee leaves the Mariners and gives up three HR’s and loses a complete game 6-1. Do you think he brought over the “hole in the bat” curse to the vaunted Rangers lineup? Plus, he gave up 6 runs which only happened once with the M’s. Don’t expect either of those to last long.

2 – Justin Smoak was 1-8 with 3 strikeouts over the weekend against the Yankees. Not quite the sizzling start the Mariners hoped for. I watched him play and like his swing (like I have an eye for talent!). I am guessing he will eventually be a fine player, but it might be in 2011. Mariner fans be patient (our motto since 1977).

3 – The NFL is around the corner. All has been quiet on the Seahawks front although that will soon be changing. The quiet before the storm.

4 – The Groz is back – Dave Grosby is coming back to 710 and now it’s got more pull as an RSPN affiliate. He will team with Kevin Calabro in the afternoon spot. I’ve always liked the Groz and I believe he will add value to what I think is now the best sports station in town. I do like and listen to them both, however the ESPN rights which bring John Clayton and others is too good.

5 – The World Cup is over! The World Cup is over! Spain won and I should be happy…I have Spanish blood through Columbia. Viva Espana and let’s get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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So Long Cliff…Nice work Jack

Let’s hand it to Jack Zduriencik.

He gets close to a deal with the Yankees today for Cliff Lee, toys with them while they are visiting our fine city, and then lands them on their butt by pulling the carpet out from under them. Trader Jack’s trade of Lee to the Rangers on the surface is brilliant. Here’s why…

1 – He trades them to Texas, who we have zero chance of catching this year. Texas has zero chance of re-signing Lee because of their financial woes. Lee will not haunt our division unless he signs with Anaheim.

2 – We get two former first-round picks. Justin Smoak is regarded around the league as a “can’t miss” at 1B. Yes, I know some can’t misses turn into misses, but at this point he looks like a great fit. Blake Beaven is pitching very well on the farm for Texas and could be a decent starter for the M’s. Throw in 3 other players and if even one of them pan out, it’s a bonus.

3 – The Yankees don’t get him.

4 – He might beat the Yankees in the playoffs.

5 – Back to the M’s – we have very good pitching still left and expecting more help from Erik Bedard.

6 – It’s better than 2 draft picks had we kept him. Yes, I advocated keeping him when we were talking about a bunch of minor leaguers. Smoak can play now and Beaven next year. Our boy Dustin Ackley should be up at the end of the year and playing in 2011. I like what Saunders has done. There is hope.

I would expect Russ Branyan to be the full-time DH now and hopefully next year. The Milton Bradley and Casey Kotchman experiment is over.

I for one am anxious to see Smoak play. I hope Don Wakamatsu gives him plenty of AB’s regardless of what he does. We need Him, Saunders, Josh Wilson, and hopefully Adam Moore when he gets back to be ready for 2011. Spring training only 7 months away!

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