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Mixed Feelings with Mora

Jim Mora was fired today as the head coach for the Seattle Seahawks.

What a difference a year makes. Only about 14 months ago, he had two organizations desperately wanting him as their head coach in town. The Huskies (his alma mater and dream job) and the Seahawks who already had him under contract.  Now, neither wants him. Steve Sarkisian is holding a press conference today on Jake Locker and Mora is looking for work.

Today, I have very mixed feelings…

Sad – I like Mora. He’s a local product who played high school and college ball here. His dad is a former Husky and Seahawks assistant coach. He lives in the area and is genuinely passionate about this team.

Happy – He lost this team mid-season. Too many incidents dealing with blaming players (Olindo Mare), losing control (Housh’s finger in his chest), and a cataclysmic collapse the final four games.

Sad – I think he has the ability to be a good NFL coach.

Happy – I don’t think he will ever be a great NFL coach.

Sad – I think he’s a good guy, who is passionate about his team and life.  I feel bad for him and his family.

Happy – Time to move on. It’s never easy being the first guy to replace a legend. The entire process was bungled and now we can close the book and move on.

I’m not doing cartwheels over Pete Carroll, yet.  I don’t know if I like giving away full control if that’s the deal.  Who would I like to see?  The name Jon Gruden pops in my head.  Here’s a young guy with passion and presence who has been successful and won a Super Bowl.  Brian Billick is another proven, Super Bowl winning NFL coach.  Don’t get me wrong, Carroll would bring the spotlight back to Seattle.  I just worry that we went down this same road before with a proven NFL talent in Mike Holmgren and it didn’t work until it was split.

Wild day. What are your thoughts?