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Odds and Ends

1 – Kevin Durant scored 25 points last night against Dallas. That is 25 straight games that he has poured in at least 25 points. That ranks third all time behind Michael Jordan (40) and Allen Iverson.  Am I the only one with that sick feeling in my stomach realizing that he was part of the Sonics just 2 years ago? That could be us? Can you imagine how he would own this city if it were happening here?

2 – Pitchers and catchers report in baseball.  That also signals the start of Fantasy Baseball.  Baseball is the perfect game for fantasy sports. It’s all about stats and time.  If you’ve ever thought you might like to try your hand at fantasy baseball, contact me on this blog and I will send you information about my league. I’m looking for a few good owners and would invite my readers to jump in.

3 – Didn’t watch any Olympics last night. Not sure why, except the family wanted to get caught up on our NCIS watching.  The Olympics are a nice respite from other sports, but over the course of 2 weeks, you need an occasional break in the action.

4 – There is increasing noise about the NFL Draft in two months and the Seahawks have been very quiet.  This, of course, intrigues me even more.  There is also increased talk about bringing disgruntled Denver WR Brandon Marshall over in a trade. If it doesn’t cost us one of our first rounders, I’m willing to make that deal.  First rounders are a premium, so to me they are untouchable.  Package a second rounder with other options and I’m game.

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Fantasy Friday – Roto vs. H2H

Friday’s will start being a day for me to help those of you veteran and novice fantasy sports players.  I’ve had many folks tell me they’d like to learn more, so here is your first dose of fantasy expertise by The Daily Dan…

What’s the difference between the two scoring platforms – Rotisserie vs. Head to Head

Rotisserie is the format that is built for baseball and basketball.  “Owners” draft players to fill all positions and each position gets a maximum of the number of games per season.  This way, everyone gets the equal number of games.

Example – I drafted Kobe Bryant in my fantasy basketball league this year.  His position (shooting guard) is allowed 82 games for the season (equaling the number of games played in the NBS season).  If I switched him out of that position every time he didn’t play, I wouldn’t be able to use all his games.  For him (and other stars) unless they get injured and miss games, I will never move them.  I the end, you want to be able to use all your games and run out at the end of the season, not 3 weeks early.

There are “Utility” positions you can rotate players in and out of (maximums still apply).  You may also have other positions that you don’t mind “rotating” players.

Head to Head is built for fantasy football.  You play head to had every week against another owner.  Football is easiest because games are only played every week.  You will find the other sports offer this option, but I don’t like H2H for these sports because it requires too much work on a daily basis.  You accumulate points for the week and if you outscore your opponent, you get a win and they get a loss.  Much like real sports, you have a record and that leads to the playoffs.

Football is obviously over; basketball is currently being played; and baseball is around the corner.  If you play (or want to play) fantasy sports and have questions, this is the place…