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Wild Monday

1 – I was THIS close! Had Gordon Hayward’s 45-footer at the buzzer banked in instead of out, my prediction of a Butler 1-point win would have come true and we would have witnessed one of the most improbable championships ever. As it was, it was a tremendous game that capped off a scintillating tournament. Let’s hope the powers to be at the NCAA take note and leave the tournament alone!

2 – Mike Krzyzewski stand in second place along with Adolph Rupp for most national championships with 4, behind the legendary John Wooden. When you consider the era, the incredible parity, and the increased competition, Coach K may be the best ever. He has now won championships in three different decades – the only coach to accomplish this feat.

3 – I know it’s only one game, but Casey Kotchman and Chone Figgins look like pretty good deals for the Mariners. Figgins had 3 base on balls, 3 steals, and his speed forced ar errant throw by the third baseman to keep things alive in the 9th inning for the M’s. Kotchman, hitting third in the lineup, had 2 hits (robbed the umps of a third), 4 RBI’s, including the game winner, and was flawless in the field. He has a great stroke and reminds me a bit of John Olerud. I know, I know…161 games to go.  But, that’s why this game is so fun.

4 – It’s Masters week and Tiger held his press conference. The fans aren’t as wildly exuberant over him at least at the start. This will be an interesting week in Augusta. Why do I get a strange feeling that Tiger will be in the last group on Sunday?

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The Butler Did It!

So far, so good on my Final Four predictions. I was off on the score a little bit, but getting the winners is the end game.

I’m sticking by my pick of Butler by one point. In total transparency, I will reveal that I do have Butler in the Vic Ulsh Oddity Lottery pool and having picked them with the 13th pick will look like the ultimate genius with a win.

Odds and Ends on Championship Day:

  • Is it just me or does Butler coach Brad Stevens look like he should be playing for the team, not coaching it? He looks like he’s 21 for goodness sakes! He’s actually 33 and probably the hottest coaching commodity in the country.
  • A recent ESPN poll shows that 82% of the country thinks that expanding the tournament to 96 teams stinks. The 18% must be NCAA committee members and their families.
  • It’s “madness” to think the expanded tournament is a good idea. It’s the one (and I mean the only one) thing that the NCAA actually does perfectly. That’s probably why they want to ruin it.

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My Final Four Picks

What the heck…I went out on a limb for the New Orleans Saints in the Super Bowl. It’s time for another bold prediction.

In the semi-finals today, it will be Butler beating Michigan State by 5 points, and Duke edging West Virginia by 1 point. This will set up a beauty on Monday with the perennial powerhouse Dukies taking on the hometown boys. Straight out of Hoosiers. I can imagine Gene Hackman walking out on the floor next to Brad Stevens to help him lead the lads to victory. Maybe Dennis Hopper can make this game…

I’m going Butler all the way for the Cinderella story in their home town. This, of course, will need amendment if they lose today!

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