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Monday Morning QB

1 – Congratulations to former Washington  Husky Mark Brunell for getting a Super Bowl ring at 40 years old. After nearly 20 years in the NFL with Jacksonville and Washington, he finally gets a championship. Way to go Dawg!

2 – The Saints won because they were more aggressive and courageous.  Going for the TD on 4th down in the 2nd quarter ended up not hurting them as they still got 3 points.  The onside kick to start the 2nd half was a game-changer when they rolled in for a TD.  Blitzing Peyton Manning (gasp) on third down up by 7 points late in the game caused a poor pass that was picked and taken to the house for the game clincher.  Just like life, being aggressive and playing to your strengths brings success.

3 – Speaking of Dawgs – the Husky hoops team held serve big time over the weekend at home against the Arizona schools.  In fact, they pummeled Arizona State.  They are in a huge pack in 2nd place in a very weak Pac-10.  They still have a shot at winning the conference, but they need to take their home-court play on the road.  Time for Quincy Poindexter to do his own Jon Brockman impersonation and put the Dawgs on his back.

4 – Anybody realize that golf season is in full swing.  Even me, an avid golfer who loves to watch golf on TV, haven’t followed it much without Tiger Woods.  The biggest pieces of news have been on the course with Scott McCarron accusing Phil Mickelson of cheating and John Daly losing weight, his game, and then quitting. Yawn.  Tiger better hurry back.

5 – One last Super Bowl note – to all those fans of teams who didn’t make the Super Bowl this year – don’t expect the Saints and the Colts back in the big game in 2011.  One of the “curses” of this game is that the two Super Bowl teams rarely get back the next year.  The Patriots did it on 2005 and 2005.    Before that you have to go back to 1998 and 1999 with the Denver Broncos.

BONUS – Was it just me or were The Who terrible.  I love this band, but they either sounded terrible or the sound was bad.  Roger Daltrey looked like he was 80 years old, but that just me…

BONUS II – The commercials were pretty good this year, not outstanding.  My favorite – Dorito’s Dog Revenge

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