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Tez Out – Two Other Ex-Hawks in the Hall of Fame

I just watched the NFL Hall of Fame announcement on the NFL channel…

  1. Cortez Kennedy did not make the HOF, BUT, I like his chances in 2011.  He made the first cut from 15 down to 10. I’ve got to believe he was on the fringes.  When you have the leading rusher and receiver that MUST get in, that’s tough.  The fact that he was in the top 10 and 5 went in, makes me feel good about his chances next year.
  2. Two Seahawks made it in.  Of course, Jerry Rice will forever be known as a 49’er, but he did play the last 11 games of his career with the Seahawks catching 25 balls for 362 yards and 3 TD’s.  John Randle finished his career with the Seahawks playing 3 seasons (2001-03) tallying 23 and half sacks, 51 tackles, and 4 forced fumbles.  Congratulations to both.
  3. This makes a total of 6 former Seahawks in the HOF joining – Steve Largent, Franco Harris (8 games), Warren Moon (2 seasons), and Carl Eller (1 season – his final).  Other possibilities for the future – Cortez Kennedy, Walter Jones, and Edgerrin James.

Cortez Kennedy a Hall of Famer?

I will be visiting the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton next month while visiting my daughter at college in Ohio.  I hope that one day, Cortez Kennedy will be calling that his “home away from home.”

For those of you not native to the Pacific Northwest, you may have missed the glory days of Tez.  During his 11 year career as a DT for the Hawks, Kennedy dominated the game.  In 1992. he was named the NFL Defensive Player of the Year for a 2-14 team.  Tez tallied 14 sacks that year from an interior lineman position.  Imagine how many he could have had if the offense ever had the team in a game where the opposing quarterback HAD to throw at the end!

He was an 8-time Pro Bowler and really set the standard for guys coming after him like Warren Sapp and John Randle.  Being a career Seahawk during the worst 10-year period of franchise history is not a reflection on him.  It’s a testimony to his greatness.

If dominating a position for a decade and becoming the model for his position for future generations means anything to Hall of Fame voters, then Tez deserves their votes on Saturday.

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Hall of Fame

Two Hall of Fame notes…

1 – Edgar Martinez garnered 36% of the votes in his first time on the ballot. Actually, that’s not bad. I was expecting worse.  As much as I think that he deserves the HOF due to his production and the fact that he dominated his position for 10 years and may be the best ever at it, I know breaking through the DH enigma in the voting.  It took Andre Dawson about 10 years; it might take Edgar that long, too.

2 – I am shocked and dismayed that Cortez Kennedy didn’t make the 15 semi-finalists for the NFL Hall of Fame.  How did Steve Tasker and Jim Tunney beat out a guy who dominated at his position for a decade (same argument as with Martinez and baseball)?  I know John Clayton has led the campaign for him and I hope that it continues.

3 – That being said, we can now put in our votes as fans.  Click here to submit your selections.  My personal favorite is Ray Guy. He may be the best punter in NFL history. There’s no way he shouldn’t get in.  I also voted for former Seahawks and Vikings standout John Randle.  Keep in mind Jerry Rice (also a former Seahawk albeit less than a season) and Emmit Smith are going to make it in regardless, so consider some of the others who may need your votes.

What are your thoughts on Edgar and Tez?