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News & Notes

Couple items to discuss. Looking for feedback…

1 – The Kingston Buccaneers draw Anacortes for their first game at the State Basketball Tournament in Yakima. Being from Oak Harbor, I know Anacortes has always had an excellent program. I don’t know anything about them, but I’m guessing Blake Conley’s team will have all they can handle with the Seahawks. Wish I could attend, but I’m out of town. Hey Bucs fans…what do you think about your team and their chances?

2 – Huskies hoops comes from behind to beat Washington State in Pullman last night. Huge game as pertains the the Pac-12 title and getting into to Big Dance. Two games left on the road at UCLA and USC. I think they need to win out to seal their spot in the tournament. Do you agree?

3 – Huskies football gets a chance to show how far they’ve come with a game at LSU early in the season. After that, they open Pac-12 play at Oregon and home against USC. How do Dawg fans feel about the schedule?

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Class of 2012 – Wait and See

The Huskies class looks pretty good. Now. The real test will come over the next 2-3 years. It’s funny to look back over the recruiting classes and see how guys actually turned out to be stars. Of course, it’s all across the board.

I’m pleased with how my home team and alma mater did. Landing Shaq Thompson, Jeff Lindquist and a few of the other guys whose names I can’t quite remember now sets them up for a bright future. In the end, however, it will all come down to execution on the field. That comes from coaching, talent, and a bit of serendipity.

The crazy thing is how many kids flipped back and forth in just the past few days. Maybe reform is needed for the process, but I don’t see it happening. As Steve Sarkisian said today at his press conference, it boils down to finishing strong. Let’s hope that the Dawgs finished strong with the right guys!

Huskies Land Big Fish in Football

Sure, the Dawgs were spurned by a couple of former players kids when Josh Garnett (Scott Garnett’s son) and Zack Banner (Lincoln Kennedy’s son) chose Stanford and USC respectively over their pop’s alma mater. Yes, it hurts but let’s be real. Maybe these guys wanted to make a mark in a school different than where their fathers played. I get that.

But all is not lost…

Steve Sarkisian landed an even bigger fish. Shaq Thompson is the #1 rated safety in the country and one the top 5 players nationally. Certainly, all these kids still need to perform, but this was a coup for the Huskies. They also picked up a few more kids from California this evening and their class is rounding into fine shape.

You never know what you’re getting. Sometimes kids don’t pan out. But, on a week that sets the stage for years to come, the Dawgs should be pleased even if they didn’t land Garnett and Banner. The best of the bunch may be heading to Montlake!

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Week 8 Picks

I’ve been very un-daily in the Daily Dan this week. My apologies!

I was thrilled to tie with a couple other reporters last week on the football scores at 9-3. Had I been smart enough to know or look u that Cascade Christian is the defending 2A champ and were playing an 0-6 Port Townsend team, I think I would have had a different pick! Oh well.

I thought I would play along this week with the rest of the gang including guest picker Scott Alexander. I’m sure he’s in a great mood after his Oregon Ducks whacked USC on national television. Here are my picks for this week…

Eastside Catholic over Bainbridge

Cedar Park Christian over Chimacum

Kingston over North Mason

Port Angeles over Klahowya

Central Kitsapover Mt Tahoma

Sequim over North Kitsap

Orting over Port Townsend

South Kitsap over Stadium

Bremerton over Olympic

Washington over Arizona

Stanford over Washington State

Seattle over Arizona

Hope it’s a great Northwest victory party over those Arizona teams!

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Who Are These Huskies?

Once you think you have the University of Washington figured out for this 2010 season, you realize you are wrong. I wonder if Steve Sarkisian feels the same way?

The Dawgs lose an ugly game to BYU which by all rights they should have won. They bounce back in their home opener to Syracuse after a dull first half to blow away the Orange. In a much anticipated home match-up to Nebraska, they are humiliated. After a bye week and much speculation to just how good they (and Jake Locker) are, they pull off a Herculean upset in Los Angeles against USC, snapping a 13-game road losing streak.

Now, they are coming back home to play Arizona State – losers of 9 in a row against Division 1 foes. The rain is pouring downin Husky Stadium giving the Northwest guys a seeming advantage over the Sun Devils. Oops.

The Huskies muff against a team they are expected to beat is critical. Not that I expected them to win the Pac-10, but a bowl game and a return to respectability are on the line. This one hurts, and for some reason I think they will look back at this loss and wish they had it back. The Dawgs MUST wi their home conference games and find a way to win a few on the road. This loss to ASU signals to me that they just aren’t ready from a mental standpoint to take the next step after a huge win the week before. The same thing happened last year in Stanford after the USC win. If you look at the conference, it doesn’t get any easier until you face WSU in Pullman at the end of the year. And the scary thing? WSU is actually looking improved with a respectable outing against Oregon.

What to expect next week? I don’t know because I can truly say…

Who are these Huskies?

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Hawks and Huskies and a Little Storm

While the V-Mac in Renton resembles a Chinese fire drill, Montake won’t be pulling the emergency fire alarm.

The Seahawks continue to mold their 53-man roster, definitely proving that they are in a rebuilding frame of mind. Julius Jones must feel like the famous Mark Twain quote about the “reports of his death being greatly exaggerated,” as the reports of his dismissal from the team being erroneous. What isn’t wrong is that he’s not the main man at running back anymore as that title goes to Justin Forsett. He isn’t even the #2 guy undoubtedly, but he still has a place on the squad. #6 pick Russell Okung won’t be playing on Sunday as he is still injured. Matt Hasselbeck better have his rear view mirror working as his blindside may be in danger. The most interesting pickup for me this weekend was 337-pound offensive guard Stacy Andrews. This guy could be a real help on what has been a light offensive line that is being turned into a larger one. Andrews may be the best acquisition of the several new faces.

The Huskies didn’t snap their nearly 2 year losing streak on the road and sounded (no TV…really?) like they played an awful 2nd half. But, not to jump to conclusions. BYU is a very solid team, especially at home. This was no gimmie, in fact they were 3-point underdogs going in. This week at home against Syracuse is a different story. This is a “must-win” for a team looking to get to a bowl game again. They must hold serve at home, particularly against oponents that they are supposed to be better than. I expect a different game and a different outcome.

Shame on me for having not blogged on the Seattle Storm most of the year. As a former high school girls basketball coach, that is inexcusable. The Storm have been the best team in the league and proved it over again in the playoffs, as they reach their second WNBA Finals. Yes, I know they don’t get quite the respect they should in this town because the sport is not considered in the same breath as the NFL, NBA, and MLB. The reality is that they brought this city a professional championship a few years ago, there coach is perhaps the best in the league, and they have three of the top players in the league in Lauren Jackson, Sue Bird, and Swin Cash. As they head into the finals, I will be spending more time covering them and their quest to win their second title. Heck, I may even need to find a ticket to the Finals. That may be our only opportunity for a few years!

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Letter of Intent Day Tomorrow

College Football National Letter of Intent Day is tomorrow.  The Huskies are poised to receive a good looking class on paper.  But as savvy college football followers know, on paper doesn’t always translate into on the field.

Nick Montana is the diamond in the class.  The QB with great DNA (Joe Montana’s son if you happened to be underground for the past 3 months) played well in the Under Armour All-Star game is also bringing one of his offensive lineman with him – Erik Kohler (6’4, 285 lbs). Kohler is in the mold of great Husky lineman of glory days gone by like Benji Olson, Mike Zandofsky, and Lincoln Kennedy.  If you watched the Dawgs play this year, you know we need plenty of size and talent.

Coaches are all on pins and needles until the ink is dry on letters of intent.  My guess is this class will figure prominently in the resurgence of Husky gridiron dominance.  Now, we will just have to wait and see…

View Washington Recruits

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The Tiger Soap Opera Continues…

ESPN has reported that Tiger Woods is at a sexual addiction clinic in Mississippi – Read the story

What do you think about this?  I think it’s part of the weird soap opera that is becoming the Tiger Woods story.  Whether this is a last ditch effort to try and save his marriage and/or his reputation, I don’t buy that he’s a sex addict.OK, I’m sure there are folks out there who are, but this is part of Tiger’s PR push.  If you thought Mark McGwire was phony (which I didn’t), what do you think of Tiger?

History is filled with celebrities and athletes that just basically think they are above the law and morals.  The bigger they get, the higher above the law.  Michal Vick, Plaxico Burress, Roger Clemens are all recent and prime examples.  Tiger’s no different.  Regardless of the fact he has a Swedish model for a wife, he believes that because he is Tiger Woods, he can do what he wants.  This isn’t about sex. It’s about power.

Babe Ruth was the iconic figure of his generation.  The Bambino was legendary for his escapades with women (he was married), booze, and the night life.  Tiger probably wishes the times haven’t changed. Babe Ruth would be all over the front page of ESPN today.

I believe this is a cover up to win good graces.  I think Tiger will be back by The Masters in April.  I agree with Geoff Ogilvy that he should talk before he walks the course.  I don’t think he will.  The Masters is an easy return.  The gallery police are pretty strict at Augusta.  Waits until he hits the U.S. and British Opens.


Extra Points:  It is reported that the Oakland Raiders are interested in Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh.  I have one piece of advice for him.  RUN. Don’t turn around. Run straight back to Palo Alto.  Even though I’m a Dwag fan, I’d never wish that on anyone.

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Lane Kiffin to USC – A Stab in the Back to Tennessee

Lane Kiffin just screwed Tennessee.

Hired only a year ago, he bolts the university (taking with him staff) only three weeks before the letter of intent day.  It puts Tennessee football in a precarious position, with no coach, recruits leaving, and long-term ramifications for the program.

At what point does ethics come into play? Kiffin was being paid big bucks to take on a major power.  He has let down every kid he recruited last year and this year; every player on the team; and the university.  You might say, “What about the Seahawks starting this whole mess by firing Jim Mora after just one year?”  Here’s the difference…

  • Mora still will cash a cool $12 million over the next three years.
  • You’re dealing with professional athletes, not student-athletes.
  • I understand college football is big business, but these are still 17-22 year old kids you are sticking a knife into.

I’m sure Kiffin and USC are perfect for each other. I understand it’s business. However, in this case it was bad business. specially for the University of Tennessee and its football players.