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Monday Morning QB – the day after…

1 – Nice article on Vivian Frieson in today’s Kitsap Sun. The former Bremerton High hoops star is now a senior at Gonzaga and heading into to the NCAA tournament. It’s hard to imagine her a senior. I remember coaching against her and when she was coming up through the junior high ranks. She left Bremerton after two years to go to Garfield under the tutelage of Joyce Walker. I think she went through some challenging times, however looks like things have gone well lately. Best wishes to her and the Bulldogs in the tourney.

2 – The Deion Grant era at safety appears t be over. The veteran was cut by the Seahawks yesterday. Does this signal the return to the Northwest of one Taylor Mays?

3 – Nothing new in the Brandon Marshall saga. The signing of WR Ruvell Martin does nothing to make me feel good about our WR corp.

4 – My early prediction for Thursday…the Huskies win 77-71. I’m not just being a homer, either. The Dawgs are hot (7 in a row and 11 of 13), are playing basically at home (one hour plane ride), should have a ton of fans, and match up well with Marquette. I like a second round match-up with New Mexico.

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Odds and Ends

1 – Huskies take care of Stanford in Los Angeles. They didn’t play great in the first half, however the defense was solid the entire game. This should punch their ticket for March Madness. By the way, what’s happened to Abdul Gaddy. He was terrible. Lorenzo Romar was smart to pull him out before he became a disaster for the team. He needs to get dramatically better in the off-season. For now, his role should be the bench.

2 – A win tonight over Cal would do wonders for seeding. A better first round slot will give hope for pulling out one win.

3 – I’m a little surprised we haven’t heard more on the Brandon Marshall front. With Antonio Bryant signing with the Bengals, there doesn’t seem much leverage on his side. Perhaps a trade is in the works to avoid losing the #6 pick.

4 – Spring training is in full swing. I still have three spots in my fantasy baseball league that drafts next week. Any takers? Free league, lots of fun.

5 – News is that Tiger Woods will be playing in the Masters. So when do we hear from him? Is he going to drag this out like a Brett Favre decision? Will he hold another “invitation only” press conference. It’s getting close to the azaleas blooming. When will Tiger show up for the dance?

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The Daily Dan on Assignment to the Big Apple

Well…sort of. I’m heading to New York City for a three-day business trip. Because of my travel day tomorrow, I’m putting up an early edition of the Monday Morning QB…

1 – Huskies – The hoop hounds got the job done in Oregon. Two nice road wins to catapult them into a rematch with the Beavers. The Pac-10 will get two teams into the tourney. Most likely, it will be the last two standing in the championship game (unless Cal gets upset). That means the Dawgs need to dispatch the bitter Beavers and then probably knock off Arizona State. Which road team will show up?

2 – Seahawks – According to ESPN, the Broncos want a #1 pick for Marshal  and may be looking to deal. The Hawks let Nate Burleson go and now are in desperate need of a quality WR. Talk is that there may be more teams involved. Could this be posturing by Denver? Stay tuned. At the same time, the Hawks are going to work out Tim Tebow. Remember my blog earlier about Tebow being a Seahawk? Seneca Wallace may be courted by Mike Holmgren and the Browns. Stay tuned here, too.

3 – Mariners – Not much news early. Spring training is just heating up in the desert.

I will make sure I report from NYC this week.

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Bye Bye Burleson…Beckoning Brandon

Nate Burleson has inked a 5-year deal with the Detroit Lions, thus ending his homecoming to Seattle. Deion Branch is still on the squad, but this shouldn’t instill a lot of faith in the 12th Man. That leaves T.J. Houshmandzadeh as the only threat at WR. Deion Butler may have potential, but he’s certainly not there yet.

With Burleson leaving, the stakes are higher to get Brandon Marshall. I’m rooting for a trade because the 6th pick in the draft is a hefty price tag. Marshall is in Seattle today to meet with the Hawks. ESPN’s John Clayton doesn’t think an offer sheet will be signed. The best option for Seattle will be the trade route, but their leverage is less than it was 24 hours ago.

My gut feeling is something will get done and Marshall will be a Seahawk by next week.

By the way, less than 2 years ago, Seattle had become a wasteland for talent in professional sports. Outside of Ichiro, Lauren Jackson, and Sue Bird, we had not much left. Since then, Felix Hernandez has become a Cy Young Award candidate and we’ve added the likes of Cliff Lee, Chone Figgins, and Pete Carroll. Now, we may be adding Brandon Marshall.

The times are changing and should be interesting!

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Brandon Marshall in Seattle?

Rumors are running rampant that the Seahawks are close to offering disgruntled Denver WR Brandon Marshall a contract. ESPN’s Tim Hasselbeck (Matt’s little bro) has been reporting his thoughts all day.  The questions for Hawks fans is this? Do we want a highly talented WR with an MO that reminds is of TO?

My thoughts:

1 – I’m always willing to take a risk and Marshall might be worth it. However, it the price is the #6 overall, I’m out. That’s too steep.

2 – The #6 has to go offensive line. Hasselbeck is no good to us or his receivers laying prone on the field. Anyone who watched games last year knows fixing the O-Line is job one.

3 – If the cost is the #14, I think I could stomach that. I know he’s a diva with off-field issues. But, does he catch TD passes? Can he help our team? The answer to both is yes. It’s a gamble. But supposedly the strength of Pete Carroll is communicating. Let’s see how good he is.

4 – This is an uncapped year. With Paul Allen’s money, could we make a serious bid to make a playoff run? Arizona is starting to unravel. The division is weak. If we get in, who knows what could happen? As former coach Jerry Glanville once quipped, “The NFL stands for Not for Long.” You must strike while the iron is hot.

My bottom line – If Marshall costs the #6 pick, I’m a no. If he’s the #14 and a lower pick, I’m willing to make the move and gamble for the short term.

What’s your bottom line?

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Odds and Ends

1 – Kevin Durant scored 25 points last night against Dallas. That is 25 straight games that he has poured in at least 25 points. That ranks third all time behind Michael Jordan (40) and Allen Iverson.  Am I the only one with that sick feeling in my stomach realizing that he was part of the Sonics just 2 years ago? That could be us? Can you imagine how he would own this city if it were happening here?

2 – Pitchers and catchers report in baseball.  That also signals the start of Fantasy Baseball.  Baseball is the perfect game for fantasy sports. It’s all about stats and time.  If you’ve ever thought you might like to try your hand at fantasy baseball, contact me on this blog and I will send you information about my league. I’m looking for a few good owners and would invite my readers to jump in.

3 – Didn’t watch any Olympics last night. Not sure why, except the family wanted to get caught up on our NCIS watching.  The Olympics are a nice respite from other sports, but over the course of 2 weeks, you need an occasional break in the action.

4 – There is increasing noise about the NFL Draft in two months and the Seahawks have been very quiet.  This, of course, intrigues me even more.  There is also increased talk about bringing disgruntled Denver WR Brandon Marshall over in a trade. If it doesn’t cost us one of our first rounders, I’m willing to make that deal.  First rounders are a premium, so to me they are untouchable.  Package a second rounder with other options and I’m game.

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