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Monday Morning QB – Odds and Ends

1 – Cliff Lee leaves the Mariners and gives up three HR’s and loses a complete game 6-1. Do you think he brought over the “hole in the bat” curse to the vaunted Rangers lineup? Plus, he gave up 6 runs which only happened once with the M’s. Don’t expect either of those to last long.

2 – Justin Smoak was 1-8 with 3 strikeouts over the weekend against the Yankees. Not quite the sizzling start the Mariners hoped for. I watched him play and like his swing (like I have an eye for talent!). I am guessing he will eventually be a fine player, but it might be in 2011. Mariner fans be patient (our motto since 1977).

3 – The NFL is around the corner. All has been quiet on the Seahawks front although that will soon be changing. The quiet before the storm.

4 – The Groz is back – Dave Grosby is coming back to 710 and now it’s got more pull as an RSPN affiliate. He will team with Kevin Calabro in the afternoon spot. I’ve always liked the Groz and I believe he will add value to what I think is now the best sports station in town. I do like and listen to them both, however the ESPN rights which bring John Clayton and others is too good.

5 – The World Cup is over! The World Cup is over! Spain won and I should be happy…I have Spanish blood through Columbia. Viva Espana and let’s get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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Groz going to 710 ESPN

Long-time KJR personality Dave Grosby is leaving to go to 710 ESPN. Groz will team up with Kevin Calabro in the late afternoon slot with former Sonics announcer, Kevin Calabro.  To be honest, I only listen to KJR in the mornings with Mitch Levy and in the evenings with Elise Woodward. Otherwise I try to catch them during commercials. Brock and Salk are a much better afternoon gig than Ian Furness, and I like Kevin Calabro. This will certainly add intrigue to the sports radio competition in town…which always is a good thing for the listeners.

Read the story on Seattle PI by Greg Johns

© 2010 Dan Weedin. All Rights Reserved