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Hawks Showed Up…Next the Saints

I asked for it and I got it.

The 12th Man indeed showed up and so did the Seahawks defense. That was the loudest stadium I’ve ever been in and definitely had playoff atmosphere. The Hawks fed off it and it turned into another NFC West banner in Qwest Field.

A few comments from last night:

  • I couldn’t believe arguing with people on the ferry ride home about Charlie Whitehurst’s performance. The dude was on the winning side of the game, for goodness sakes! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’s our next franchise QB. However, he played a decent game (in fact his stats were better than Sam Bradford’s). His mobility saved easily 5 sacks and actually picked up positive yardage. Charlie’s job was to not lose the game and that’s exactly what he did. He’s a capable backup, a young guy who’s learning, and played a solid game. ESPN’s Trent Dilfer (a guy who won a Super Bowl as a “solid” QB) said as much after the game. Cut the guy some slack. He played a game good enough in the biggest game of the year.
  • The defense was crazy. I know it wasn’t the New England Patriots, but Sam Bradford has had an excellent rookie year, and Steven Jackson is a stud. To hold the Rams to 2 field goals was unbelievable. I loved how Aaron Curry, Chris Clemons, David Hawthorne, Lofa Tatupu, and Marcus Trufant played. Will Herring played a great game. This was a total team effort and a sight for sore eyes.
  • Pete Carroll is the right guy for this city. He brings a great energy that really gets the 12th Man going. I think good things are on the horizon.
  • I expect that Matt Hasselbeck will start if he’s healthy. He’s the veteran; he’s got playoff experience; he played a good game against the Saints last month; and he’s the right guy. However, if he can’t go or plays poorly, I have less issues with Charlie Whitehurst than I did 2 weeks ago!
  • Marshawn Lynch bounced back after being stripped of the ball and ran in “beast-mode” the rest of the way. He could not be stopped in the 4th Quarter when the Rams knew we were running.
  • I don’t care what our record is. The Mariners won 116 games in 2001 and didn’t win the American League to go to the World Series. This is about getting to the playoffs by winning your division.
  • I just LOVE that the Giants, who humiliated us at home earlier this year, aren’t even in the playoffs. That’s really cool.

This was a huge win for this franchise. Just like the University of Washington needed a bowl game and the rest was gravy; the Hawks needed to get to the playoffs and the rest is gravy. Two years ago, the Huskies were 0-12 and the Seahawks were 4-12. Now, the Dawgs have upset Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl and the Hawks are NFC West Champs. Unreal.

Monday Morning QB – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Let’s start with the “Ugly” and work backwards. I like ending on a high note…

High School Football – I was at the North Kitsap – Bremerton game Friday night. Bremerton dominated. RB Kyle Kennedy (amended) reminds me of John Riggins. They trounced the home-standing Vikings and deserve accolades for the win. Why is this an “Ugly?” Because Bremerton coach Nate Gillem allowing his team to humiliate an opponent is totally classless. Bremerton intercepted a Viking pass on their own 3-yard line with only a couple of minutes left in the game. They were winning 35-7. Game over, right? Wrong.

After getting out of the shadow of their goal line, Bremerton preceded to pass the ball downfield (with their starters) to attempt to score again. They threw long, they ran trick plays, as NK coach Steve Frease screamed at them from the other side of the field with his finger pointing to…the scoreboard.

With seconds to go, Bremerton ran a reverse play to score a TD. Not an off-tackle, not a dive, but a reverse. Thank goodness they were called for holding, so it didn’t stand. They then kneeled down to end the game, but the damage was done.

Gillem explained they needed the win (already firmly in place by only 4 tD’s). He also said he let his players call the plays. Great. So that’s why every coach on your sideline was encouraging the players to score. Sportsmanship needs to at least stay in high school sports. In an era where parents are out of control on expectations, and kids are being wooed by colleges at younger and younger ages, you’d hope coaches would at least show some measure of respect and charity. I’m all about winning. I’m not about humiliating kids and coaches in front of their fans. Coach Nate Gillem was way over the line and should be reprimanded. His players should have been in the spotlight after the game. Not him.

Bad – the Seattle Seahawks offense. Fortunately for them, the “Ugly” went to someone else. Special teams won the game the previous week. No such luck in St. Louis. Coach Carroll has 2 weeks to figure out a way to make first downs, much less touchdowns. This is getting to be as anemic as the Mariners offense. And they at least had Felix Hernandez to help them out every 5 days. Oh, wait. They never scored runs when he pitched. Never mind.

Good – Spectacular – Tremendous – Jake Locker was left for dead by the national media and even members of his local media and fans. Like the Phoenix, he rose from the ashes and single-handedly led his team to a huge victory in Los Angeles over USC. Nebraska? A distant memory. 1-0 in conference and one win closer to a bowl game. If it took the Nebraska loss to catapult them into a positive Pac-10 season, I’ll take that loss every time. That could very well be a season-defining win for this team.

P.S. My daughter and I tied for the Fantasy Baseball bragging rights. I guess we will have to break that tie next year!

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Monday Morning QB

Heroes from the Weekend…

Coach Pete Carroll – OK…I’m IN big time. I read your book, Win Forever and was impressed. Now I’m even more impressed. I know there will be poor games and challenging times. However, this team did not quit like it has the past two years. That’s in part due to your leadership. Welcome back to the NFL.

Matt Hasselbeck – I keep telling people if we surround you with talent at WR and RB, and give you time to throw, you’re still an upper-level QB in this league. Who knew you could still run? Tremendous leadership and the same passion that has made you the best QB in franchise history.

Jordan Babineaux – After the ignominy of being cut and re-signed for less money, you come back and make a pick and several special teams tackles. Seemed like you were all over the field. Welcome back to the team.

Seahawks O and D Lines – Kudos. Both were glaring weaknesses last year. At least in this game, you kept #8 on his feet, held Frank Gore to 38 yards, and pestered Alex Smith all game long. If you can keep this play up all year, we will be looking at more wins than we thought!

I missed the Huskies game…I had a charitable event to attend. Here are my two heroes from reports…

Jake Locker – Nice bounce back game, dude. You showed why you are a pre-season Heisman- watch guy.

Jermaine Kearse – You’re showing that last year was no fluke. You may be the best WR in the Pac-10 and before you’re done the nation may be watching. Tremendous effort!

I hope every Monday will have these rave reviews. I’m not naive…I know there will be losses. I just hope there are more goods than bads as we continue the Monday Morning QB!

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Monday Morning QB – Odds and Ends

1 – Cliff Lee leaves the Mariners and gives up three HR’s and loses a complete game 6-1. Do you think he brought over the “hole in the bat” curse to the vaunted Rangers lineup? Plus, he gave up 6 runs which only happened once with the M’s. Don’t expect either of those to last long.

2 – Justin Smoak was 1-8 with 3 strikeouts over the weekend against the Yankees. Not quite the sizzling start the Mariners hoped for. I watched him play and like his swing (like I have an eye for talent!). I am guessing he will eventually be a fine player, but it might be in 2011. Mariner fans be patient (our motto since 1977).

3 – The NFL is around the corner. All has been quiet on the Seahawks front although that will soon be changing. The quiet before the storm.

4 – The Groz is back – Dave Grosby is coming back to 710 and now it’s got more pull as an RSPN affiliate. He will team with Kevin Calabro in the afternoon spot. I’ve always liked the Groz and I believe he will add value to what I think is now the best sports station in town. I do like and listen to them both, however the ESPN rights which bring John Clayton and others is too good.

5 – The World Cup is over! The World Cup is over! Spain won and I should be happy…I have Spanish blood through Columbia. Viva Espana and let’s get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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Monday Morning QB

1 – Lefty wins the Masters. Phil Mickelson hung on and actually pulled away at the end for a poignant win at Augusta. It was an entertaining weekend with plenty of twists, turns, and drama. Tiger Woods being in the mix on the last day adds tremendous relevance to the event. I picked Anthony Kim to win and he had a splendid last day to vault into 3rd place. In all the talk of Tiger and his family issues, the scene with Mickelson and his family at the 18th hole was wonderful. Hard not to root for this guy.

2 – The Mariners in trouble?  Not the start the M’s were looking for on the road after 7 games. A 2-5 start shouldn’t be cause for panic, though. They won both of Felix’s starts. They should have won Ian Snell’s first one. Without Cliff Lee, the best I was hoping for 4-3. They are basically two games off that pace and certainly have plenty of time to catch up. That being said, the bats need to wake up or they need to go get Jermaine Dye.

3 – The NFL Draft is nearing. The more I hear about him, the more intrigued I am with OT Trent Williams for the Hawks 6th pick. It sounds like Russel Okung will be gone by that point, and Williams makes the best sense. We could be surprised and see a trade down to stockpile early picks, though. Should be interesting to see the Pete Carroll-John Schneider draft unfold.

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Monday Morning QB – the day after…

1 – Nice article on Vivian Frieson in today’s Kitsap Sun. The former Bremerton High hoops star is now a senior at Gonzaga and heading into to the NCAA tournament. It’s hard to imagine her a senior. I remember coaching against her and when she was coming up through the junior high ranks. She left Bremerton after two years to go to Garfield under the tutelage of Joyce Walker. I think she went through some challenging times, however looks like things have gone well lately. Best wishes to her and the Bulldogs in the tourney.

2 – The Deion Grant era at safety appears t be over. The veteran was cut by the Seahawks yesterday. Does this signal the return to the Northwest of one Taylor Mays?

3 – Nothing new in the Brandon Marshall saga. The signing of WR Ruvell Martin does nothing to make me feel good about our WR corp.

4 – My early prediction for Thursday…the Huskies win 77-71. I’m not just being a homer, either. The Dawgs are hot (7 in a row and 11 of 13), are playing basically at home (one hour plane ride), should have a ton of fans, and match up well with Marquette. I like a second round match-up with New Mexico.

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The Daily Dan on Assignment to the Big Apple

Well…sort of. I’m heading to New York City for a three-day business trip. Because of my travel day tomorrow, I’m putting up an early edition of the Monday Morning QB…

1 – Huskies – The hoop hounds got the job done in Oregon. Two nice road wins to catapult them into a rematch with the Beavers. The Pac-10 will get two teams into the tourney. Most likely, it will be the last two standing in the championship game (unless Cal gets upset). That means the Dawgs need to dispatch the bitter Beavers and then probably knock off Arizona State. Which road team will show up?

2 – Seahawks – According to ESPN, the Broncos want a #1 pick for Marshal  and may be looking to deal. The Hawks let Nate Burleson go and now are in desperate need of a quality WR. Talk is that there may be more teams involved. Could this be posturing by Denver? Stay tuned. At the same time, the Hawks are going to work out Tim Tebow. Remember my blog earlier about Tebow being a Seahawk? Seneca Wallace may be courted by Mike Holmgren and the Browns. Stay tuned here, too.

3 – Mariners – Not much news early. Spring training is just heating up in the desert.

I will make sure I report from NYC this week.

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Monday Morning QB

Only one topic today on the QB…

One of the great sporting events I ever witnessed yesterday was the Olympic Gold Medal hockey game between Canada and the USA. I admit I’m not much of a hockey fan, but I think I could become one. As Al Michaels later said, “When hockey is played at it’s best, there is no better game.”

However, like basketball, hockey is usually only played at it’s best when the playoffs roll around. When the NHL resumes its games today, the stakes won’t be as high. The emotion won’t be as fervent. And, the games will not be as good. You can never duplicate what we just saw. Canada and the USA playing for the gold on Canadian soil. A crisply played game with the best players in the world. Overtime. And the game winner netted by “The Next One” as he is often called, Sidney Crosby. Ironic that the games started with “The Great One,” Wayne Gretzky lighting the Olympic torch and ended with his heir apparent propelling Canada to a dramatic win in arguably its greatest sports moment in history.

The Olympics began with tragedy. It had it’s mistakes. But overall, it was a terrific two weeks in one of the most gorgeous spots on the planet. Kudos to our friends up north, eh.

Games Over!

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Monday Morning QB

1 – Congratulations to Apolo Ohno and Bode Miller for achievements over the weekend.  The medals aren’t all gold and I’m encouraged that consistent success is being honored. When Michael Phelps swam on the Summer games, you got the feeling that anything less than gold was not acceptable.  “Atta Boys” to these two athletes.

2 – The Men’s US Hockey team beat Canada over the weekend, too.  Canada was set to win the gold at home (and still may) but the Americans just made it tougher.  Not quite the “miracle,”but not far off. This Canadian team is stacked and a prohibitive favorite. The Americans are considered a medal hopeful. Big win for the USA.

3 – Anyone else getting spring fever? Pitchers and catchers have been underway for a week.  Baseball is in the air!

4 – A huge win for the Huskies hoops team over UCLA. They clobbered them on national television.  They probably still need to win the Pac-10 tournament, but a strong finish and two wins in the tournament could have them on the bubble and in the conversation.

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Monday Morning QB

1 – I witnessed one of the most poignant and wonderful moments in sports last night in the Olympics. Canadian men’s mogul athlete Alexandre Bilodeau “outmoguled” the reigning gold medal champ to secure the first ever Gold medal on home soil for the Canadians.  To add to the moment, the victory was dedicated to Bilodeau’s biggest fan and inspiration, his older brother Franklin who has cerebral palsy.  Franklin is confined to a wheelchair and has nowhere near the athletic prowess of his brother. However, the scene from last night would have melted every heart and certainly the snow in Whistler. Great moment. Tonight is the medal ceremony…don’t miss it.

2 -Anybody watch the NBA All-Star game? How about the NBA all-star weekend? Nope, me neither. I love the sport, but the all-star festivities are boring.

3 – Pitchers and catchers are now reporting to most teams. I can’t recall a spring training for the Mariners I’ve looked forward to more in recent years.

4 – High school basketball is charging into playoff season next week.  If your local school is in it, try to catch the games. High school playoff basketball beats an NBA All-Star weekend any time in my book.

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