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A Case for Matt Hasselbeck

Yes, I know #8 is struggling. Badly. His games are beginning to look a lot like the debacle last year. I know it’s very popular for people to be shouting for Charlie Whitehurst. I almost got into that myself. However, a good night’s sleep and some perspective leads me to to this case for keeping Matt Hasselbeck as the Seahawks starter for the rest of the year, barring injury. Here it goes…

  1. We are still in a playoff race. As bad as we’ve played, we are still tied for first place in the NFC West and have a shot at a division title. If this was a lost season, I’d say give Whitehurst the opportunity. With a playoff spot up for grabs, I’d prefer to go with a guy whose taken his team to 4 straight division titles and a Super Bowl.
  2. Yes, Matt’s got culpability for our losses, however he also needs props for the wins. He’s played well in those victories and I believe deserves the chance to finish the deal.
  3. Charlie Whitehurst played well yesterday in a mop-up role. His only start, he was terrible. He creates too much of an unknown. Throwing him into a road game at this stage is a bad move.
  4. Pete Carroll must show consistency and stick with the leader of the team. Next year may be a different deal, but it’s not the right time to make a switch for morale.

My guess is that you will hear Pete Carroll announce that Matt Hasselbeck will remain the Hawks QB. You will hear an outcry of angst from the Seahawks faithful. However, it’s the right decision based on the timing and out precarious position atop the NFC West.

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5 thoughts on “A Case for Matt Hasselbeck

  1. Dan – dead on. I was in complete denial about Hasselback until I went to the game yesterday. Sadly, his era is over. I see that now. But Whitehurst isn’t the answer this season. Maybe next season, but the way I see it, Hasselback is our best shot to get into the playoffs. And I can understand why the fans are booing #8, but keep in mind all the good things that have occured because of him.

  2. The question I have is in regards to the cast on his non-throwing hand. Can he help more than he hurts the team while wearing the cast? The fumble in the end zone which resulted in an Atlanta TD was undoubtedly a result of not being able to protect the football.

  3. Hasselbeck has always reminded me of the children’s book, “The Little Train that Could.”…each season, the Seahawk faithful rally behind him and chant, “We think he can, we think he can!”…and yet, every year, for whatever reasons, our optimistic hopefulness comes up short. The fact that we still have a shot at the division title bears very little reflection on our ability to win, but simply points out how equally miserable the other teams are. It’s time for Matt to join his brother Tim in the announcer’s booth, and for Seattle to develop some new talent to take the snaps….

  4. Rich,

    Let’s not forget that this “Little Train” is a 3-time Pro Bowler and took us to the Super Bowl 5 years ago. This isn’t his fault. He’s a QB built for Mike Holmgren’s offense. Period. He struggled under Greg Knapp last year, and this year with Jeremy Bates. It is time to move on, but he is still an effective QB in the right system.

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