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Taking Seattle by Storm

Yesterday, we discussed women in the locker room. Today, we discuss women athletes. Particularly those who have made their mark in Seattle sports history.

The 2010 Seattle Storm were nearly perfect. They are being heralded as one of the best WNBA teams in history. Unbeaten at home and sweeping away Atlanta in the finals. Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird have now brought two championships home to Seattle. If they were an NBA, NFL, or MLB team in this town, can you imagine the frenzy?

I maintain that Jackson and Bird deserve to be placed among the elite professional athletes in this city’s history. No other athletes have had the impact in their sport (other than Ken Griffey Jr) AND the championships that these two have. I know it’s women sports and many don’t think it rivals the men. Hogwash (not quite Rex Ryan, but you get my point)!

Jackson and Bird have been among the elite players in the league as well as internationally. They have two rings. Yet, even with a parade tonight, this city (and the nation) still has a ways to go to get them to the respect level they deserve.

I’ve watched and followed pro sports in Seattle since 1973 when Spencer Haywood and Fred Brown graced the Seattle Center Coliseum. I watched as a kid the Seahawks and Mariners form and develop from expansion teams. In my 37 year history as a Seattle sports addict, I now present a new Top 10 list of greatest pro athletes in this city…

1 – Ken Griffey Jr.

2 – Steve Largent

3 – Randy Johnson

4 – Ichiro

5 – Lauren Jackson (10 years, 19.5 ppg career average, 47% FG, 51% 3 pf %,7-time all-star, 2 rings)

6 – Walter Jones

7 – Edgar Martinez

8 – Matt Hasselbeck

9 – Fred Brown

10 – Sue Bird (9 years, 12.5 ppg, 5.6 assists/game, 5-time all-star, 2 rings)

I think they deserve a spot. What about you?

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