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Monday Morning QB

Heroes from the Weekend…

Coach Pete Carroll – OK…I’m IN big time. I read your book, Win Forever and was impressed. Now I’m even more impressed. I know there will be poor games and challenging times. However, this team did not quit like it has the past two years. That’s in part due to your leadership. Welcome back to the NFL.

Matt Hasselbeck – I keep telling people if we surround you with talent at WR and RB, and give you time to throw, you’re still an upper-level QB in this league. Who knew you could still run? Tremendous leadership and the same passion that has made you the best QB in franchise history.

Jordan Babineaux – After the ignominy of being cut and re-signed for less money, you come back and make a pick and several special teams tackles. Seemed like you were all over the field. Welcome back to the team.

Seahawks O and D Lines – Kudos. Both were glaring weaknesses last year. At least in this game, you kept #8 on his feet, held Frank Gore to 38 yards, and pestered Alex Smith all game long. If you can keep this play up all year, we will be looking at more wins than we thought!

I missed the Huskies game…I had a charitable event to attend. Here are my two heroes from reports…

Jake Locker – Nice bounce back game, dude. You showed why you are a pre-season Heisman- watch guy.

Jermaine Kearse – You’re showing that last year was no fluke. You may be the best WR in the Pac-10 and before you’re done the nation may be watching. Tremendous effort!

I hope every Monday will have these rave reviews. I’m not naive…I know there will be losses. I just hope there are more goods than bads as we continue the Monday Morning QB!

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