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Fantasy Football

This is the week that most fantasy football leagues start drafting. If you’ve never played fantasy football, I encourage you to join in the fun by playing in at least one league. Here’s why…

1 – It gives you a broader scope of the NFL. You find yourself being interested in players outside of your personal favorite team.

2 – You get to watch ESPN and the NFL Network on Sunday nights to see all the highlights.

3 – You become addicted to the little boxes on the TV showing the fantasy stats, praying that your guys are scoring touchdowns and making plays.

4 – It’s free. Now you may have leagues that have a buy-in with prizes at the end….that just adds to the flavor and fun.

5 – If you’re a female and think this isn’t for you, think again. I play in leagues against many women, including my two daughters. Let me tell you that the women are the fiercest competitors!

The greatest value however is the camaraderie. I started a league on ESPN about a dozen years ago with a few friends. One of my pals invited members of his family from all over the country. I got the opportunity to at least “virtually” meet them all. My friend’s father became one of the most colorful members…often trash talking his kids and just simply enjoying himself. He passed away a couple year ago during the football season. George was a Marine veteran who loved his Steelers and loved playing fantasy football with his family and people he never met in person. We re-named our league the “Leatherneck Memorial League” after him and our draft will be held this Saturday. I’m sure we will talk about him.

Fantasy Football is back and if you even like football, consider joining in on the fun. This week will be dedicated to Fantasy Football. Each day, I will bring my predictions, my stories, and my opinions for your consumption. I look forward to your participation.

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